Advani backs Modi, says Achhe Din are closer

Ahmedabad: Senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that PM and his government has worked well and they are on the track to bring Áchhe Din’ in the country.

He added that system takes some time but as the government has been doing the good work, the results will also be good.

He did not agree that recent price hike is a slump for the Modi government.

A few days ago after the defeat in Bihar polls, Advani had criticised Modi and had blamed him for it.  Today he said that BJP is much more conscious for the civic body elections in Gujarat.

He said better efforts have been made this time and the results will reflect that.

Advani also showed happiness that MPs are allowed to vote in the corporation polls now.

It seems that Advani’s comments are relevant to the present time. Now because there is an election, he praised Modi so that unity can be shown and support can be gathered and when BJP had lost an election and there was nothing to lose, he went hard at them.

Advani  and few other veterans of the BJP have been trying to keep their identity and status alive within the party. The rise of Modi and leaders like Amit Shah has put seniors on backfoot.

The centralisation of the power in any political party is never good. Ironically as soon as a party starts gaining power in India, this problem start surfacing.

While BJP has tried to play it down but bad results always bring confrontations and Shatrughan Sinha looks to be in that mode. Advani’s comments will be relief in this context.

The result of this poll, though, may bring back those demons.