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improve your presentation skills
improve your presentation skills

Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Do you have a major presentation to prepare? Public speaking and presenting are among societies most feared phobias. Interestingly enough, the fear stems from a lack of preparation. If you have designed an excellent presentation and practiced delivering it beforehand, then you should perform well on the day. Great speakers are made, not born, and with a few tips you could be knocking out outstanding presentations.

The Best Tools for Presentations

There are many online resources that you can use to create visually pleasing slides. Canva is a good example of a free software tool that will help you add images and text to slides. Canva also has a great selection of backgrounds and themes that you can look through and apply to your presentation. There are so many tutorials available online on how to make the best presentations and complete tasks such as how to create fillable pdf forms online. Spend some time creating slides that capture your audience’s attention with the use of color, text, and images.

The Rules for any Presentation

Guy Kawasaki created the rules for the perfect presentation. His 10-20-30 Rule provides the best structural layout for an effective presentation. The rule states that you should have no more than ten slides per twenty minutes of introduction and the text in your slides should be 30 size font or greater.

If you are struggling to condense all of your relevant information into ten slides, then make sure you stick to less than twenty slides over twenty minutes. Too much visual information will confuse your audience and affect the delivery of your information to them. Make sure your slides have only the relevant keywords and as little additional text as possible. Expand on the keywords with your speech.

Rules for Conducting Yourself on Stage

Body language says a lot about your confidence. Remember to keep your posture upright, pull back your shoulder and puff out your chest. This stance will enable your voice to travel throughout the room, allowing everyone present to hear what you have to say explicitly. If you are speaking on a stage, then use the length and walk across it from left to right.

As you talk and walk, catch the eye contact of audience members. Focus on the people in the first five rows and hold their gaze for a second before moving on. This technique lets your audience know that you are engaging with them and they will make more effort to pay attention to your presentation. Avoid using hand gestures, except where completely necessary, such as to emphasize a point you are trying to make.

Practice makes Perfect

Before the big day of your presentation rolls around, take the time to practice on your friends and family. The more you practice, the easier it will be when you step in front of strangers. As your friends and relatives for their feedback and make adjustments before you step on stage. Practicing builds your confidence and competence in delivering effective presentations that hold the attention of your audience and land you the deal.

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Of course, the main highlight of a car subscription remains the no down payment clause. Down payments can amount to a large chunk of money, depending on the car model and other finance factors. A few lakhs in the pocket makes a huge difference. Car subscriptions allow customers to invest their money somewhere else and improve their personal finances rather than give away their savings for a car.

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This flexibility in subscription tenures also allows people to change their cars more often. From hatchbacks to sedans and SUVs, they get to choose from the best models that are available currently on Indian roads.

Sharing helps in saving the monthly rent fee

Subscribe and Earn

ZAP’s car subscription is even more unique as it allows subscribers to rent out their cars on the Zoomcar platform and earn more money. This makes a lot of sense as there will be times when the car is not being used. Rather than have it sit idle, the car subscriber can share it with others for something in return. One can save up to 70% of their monthly fees by using this exclusive feature.

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