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Lord Sri Krishna said, 'the utmost dharma is performing your own duty'

Ashtottaram 25



                 स्वाराधनभूम्यै नमः

                 (Svārādhana: Worship our own, Amata)

In Srimad Bhagavadgīta, Lord Sri Krishna said, ‘the utmost dharma is performing your own duty‘. Therefore Hindus worship God according to their own way and method and there are no absolute steadfast rules or regulations. Hence, this makes worship swēyārādhana, without any religious overtones, which makes it Amata (without any religion). Up until recently for Hindus, it was the way of life following eternal dharma (universal code of righteousness). Some scholars define a Hindu as someone who rejects untruth and accepts only the Absolute Reality.

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The reason our way of life is not a religious one is, that it was not started by an individual or group of individuals claiming to be the children of God or whom God spoke to directly. These religions forced their ideology against the will of the people by any means including rape, and barbaric killing. These religions have a supreme leader, central authority, and creeds that convert have to follow. 

God answers your prayers in whatever form or language you worship him. Pixabay

In contrast to the above, Indians worshipped deities, gods, and goddesses according to their own will and understanding. There is no one to impose rules and regulations on them on how to worship God. There is no single prophet who claims to be the messenger of God and no one forces an Indian what sacred text to read or to recite. Indians are ridiculed for having three crore gods and goddesses, and for worshipping trees and animals. It only shows ignorance on the part of those critics, not realizing that God answers your prayers in whatever form or language you worship Him. This reality is known to every Indian from a scholar to a street beggar. That is the beauty of our Sanātana Dharma, which is not a religion (amatam) but a way of life.

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Hence, our motherland is —“Svārādhana Bhūmi”.

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