Baloch Activists take to streets in Hague, Netherlands demanding ‘freedom’ for Balochistan

Recently, Pro-Azadi Baloch activists took to the streets in Hague, Netherlands, demanding freedom for Balochistan

Demonstration in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. Image source: Flickr

October 12, 2016: Recently, Pro-Azadi Baloch activists took to the streets in Hague, Netherlands, demanding freedom for Balochistan.

They were holding placards bearing slogans like, ‘Pakistan must face war crime trials’, ‘Stop Baloch genocide’, ‘We are for Balochistan’, ‘[bctt tweet=”Free Balochistan” username=””]’, ‘Balochs reject Pak-China CPEC Agreement’, ‘Respect human Rights of Baloch’, ‘5,000 killed 20,000 missing’; ‘Balochistan is an occupied country’, and “we want free Balochistan”, the activists took to the streets so as to make the world know about the problems, atrocities and human rights violation they are subjected to by Pakistan.

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According to ANI, one of the protesters said, “We have gathered here today to tell the world that Pakistan should be held accountable for the war crimes it is committing in Balochistan. We hope that the world finally recognises what these people are doing.”

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Tuesday, the World Baloch Women’s Forum’s president and prominent Baloch nationalist leader Naela Quadri Baloch said,”We want to form an Azad Balochistan government in exile and we want India, Afghanistan and other SAARC nations to support the Bloach Government in Exile,”

When she was asked about the expectations she has from India, she said, “India should give us space and office to establish the government in exile. Besides, we express our deep gratitude to Modiji (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) and (external Affairs Minister) Shushma Swaraj for raising their voices on the Baloch issue. We are also thankful to the Indian people and the Indian media. The Bloch Freedom Movement is going ahead successfully, the struggle is on, and we need your help.”

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When asked if things have changed since Prime Minister Modi raised the issue of Balochistan, she said, “Things are changing rapidly; things are changing rapidly at the international level – you have seen it at the United Nations, you have seen that other countries are coming to support the Baloch issue internationally.”

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