Bangladeshi Investigators release picture of Dhaka cafe terror attack ‘coordinator’ Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury

The investigators believe Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury masterminded the attack and on August 2, police have put 20 lakh ($25,511) reward on him

source: nbc news

August 12, 2016: Bangladeshi investigators have released a photo of a suspect who they believe was the “coordinator” of the deadly Dhaka cafe terror attack which left at least 22 people, mostly foreigners, dead, the media reported on Friday.

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The suspect, who appears to be in his twenties, was identified as Marjan, Dhaka Tribune quoted a counter-terrorism unit official as saying.

The official said the terrorists had sent “protected text” which likely included photos and regular updates from inside the Holey Artisan Bakery to a link and Marjan had the password to access them.

The suspect, a Bangladeshi and likely highly educated coordinated with the attackers as well as the mastermind during the events of July 1 night, the official added.

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“He is a second-tier (militant) leader,” the official said, adding that they were not sure about his true identity but arrested JMB members had identified him as “Marjan”.

Investigators did not have more information at the moment, he added.

The investigators believe Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury masterminded the attack. On August 2, police put a Taka 20 lakh ($25,511) reward on him. Tamim is believed to be hiding in Dhaka. (IANS)