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Online Learning is very helpful for everyone to acquire skills.

Young people with a positive outlook, self-belief and skills for the workplace are happier, sleep better and are better behaved, says a new study.

According to researchers from Britain-based Assessment and Development Consultants (A&DC) and ThinkForward, a non-profit organisation, positive attitudes such as self-belief, aspiration, flexibility and appetite for learning were associated with less hyperactivity, fewer emotional problems, fewer problems with fellow pupils and greater inclination to help others.

“Pupils with this positive mindset were also happier and slept better,” said Ali Shalfrooshan from A&DC.

Representational image. Pixabay

The research saw more than 270 students from 12 secondary schools completing questionnaires relating to their attitudes towards helping others, attitudes to school, behavioural problems and sleeping difficulties.

These questionnaires were used to inform targeted coaching to develop and enhance the employability skills of young people, said Louise Brown from ThinkForward in a study reported by the British Psychological Society.

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A range of employability skills such as teamwork, problem solving and planning were also associated with greater happiness in students, said the study.

Shalfrooshan and his team suggested that coaching young people would enable them to thrive during challenging economic times and be more capable of achieving their aspirations. (IANS)


HUH Token has begun its vesting process.

1inch Network is suffering from the same problem as all cryptocurrencies at the moment, a vast majority of cryptocurrencies have become bearish or appear that way for now. This has resulted in massive decreases in price and 1inch Network is no exception.

HUH Token is a newcomer to the market and hopes to defy the ongoing trend and encourage bullish behaviour. It aims to achieve this through its beneficial features for holders and the ability to create additional income the longer the token is held. This could be the encouraging factor that buyers need to begin purchasing once more.

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The new plant will initially be capable of supplying lithium-ion batteries for 8 lakh vehicles annually.

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Toyota announced that it will invest around $13.6 billion in battery tech over the next decade, including a $9 billion investment in production, as it attempts to electrify its vehicle lineup, reports The Verge.

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