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British Lawmakers of Indian-origin pay tribute to UK Terror Attack Victims, says Country will not accept defeat

British lawmakers of Indian-origin reprimand the UK terror attack, ensuring that Britain stands together undefeated by terrorism

A woman paying tribute to terror attack victims (representational Image), VOA

London, Mar 23, 2017: British lawmakers of Indian origin reprimanded the dreadful terror attack in the heart of London city, saying that the country will not accept defeat and that they “stand together” against terrorism.

Priti Patel is the senior-most Indian-origin Cabin Minister. She paid tributes to the police officers who were stabbed at the gates of the Parliament building by the single attacker.

She told, “The Westminster terrorist event was shocking and horrific. My prayers and thoughts are with the families, friends and relatives of those who died, and those who were injured.”

The International Development Minister said that a thorough investigation of the events was being conducted and that everyone stood together, refusing to be defeated by terrorism, mentioned PTI.

Patel further said, “I commend the police, emergency services and medical staff for the  swift action and bravery they showed yesterday.”

“They put themselves in danger to protect and help the people. I pay tribute to PC Keith Palmer for the bravery and courage he showed. My condolences are with his family and he will always be in our prayers and thoughts.”

Former justice minister, Shailesh Vara MP, said addressing the House of Commons that Britain stands together against the “evil ideals” of the terrorists.

“The message that we need to take away is that this evil ideology is not only an attack on Western countries and the values that we hold so dear but it is an evil that seeks to destroy our way of life across the world,” he said.

Describing the attack as “cowardly and despicable,” Labour MP Virendra Sharma urged the people for “cooperation, unity and peace.”

“Many people lie injured on hospital beds after this horrendous act, with two people from Westminster Bridge attack dead. While the facts of the exact occurrences are still unfolding, i would urge everyone to continue with their lives, as the Londoners have done for centuries.”

“We must not jump to conclusions, sinking to the level of the people who hate us. We must stand together as a community not apart, not scared, unbent and unbowed,” he added.

-Prepared by Nikita Saraf, Twitter: @niki_saraf

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Action Needs To Be Taken Against Terrorism, Not a Country: John Abraham

John plays the protagonist in the film, which also features Jackie Shroff, Mouni Roy, Sikander Kher, Raghubir Yadav in pivotal roles

John Abraham Feels He Has Become An Old Horse Of The Film Industry
John Abraham Feels He Has Become An Old Horse Of The Film Industry, flickr

Actor John Abraham on Monday said action needs to be taken against terrorism instead of waging a war against a country or religion.

At the trailer launch of his upcoming film titled “RAW (Romeo Akbar Walter)”, based on the real life story of a spy, the actor was asked about the escalating tension between India and Pakistan post the February 14 Pulwama attack.

John said: “There has to be a war against terror (ism) and not against a country or any religion. I am very clear with my outlook on that.

“I am not one of those actors who will say that ‘People will like this, so let’s do it’. I say things as it is. These days, polarization is happening and that is dangerous.”

There's a reason why John chose the subject.
John Abraham. Wikimedia Commons

Directed by Robbie Grewal, “RAW (Romeo Akbar Walter)” is slated to release on April 5.

Asked if the plan to release the film at a time when patriotism is on a new high would favour the box office business of the film, John said: “We do not want to sound like opportunists in this current situation because we had decided to release the film around this time almost a year ago.

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“Back then, the situation was certainly not the same. However, keeping the present in mind, I think in the current ecosystem, it resonates with what is happening in the country.”

John plays the protagonist in the film, which also features Jackie Shroff, Mouni Roy, Sikander Kher, Raghubir Yadav in pivotal roles. (IANS)