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Bullets fired upon the sign board of Hindu temple in North Carolina

By NewsGram Staff Writer

The sign board of a planned Hindu temple in North Carolina, US, was found vandalized on Saturday. Authorities reported that the board was probably fired at as there were nearly 60 holes on the sign board.

The local police have found empty shells which were consistent with those that are used in shotguns.

The matter is being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office and they say that the incident must have taken place sometime between July 4 and July 18.

Chief Deputy of the Sheriff’s Office, Brad Stanley, said that the sign suffered damages of up to $200 and no suspects have been lined up thus far.

The 7.6 acres big site was chosen by the Om Hindu Organization of North Carolina for the construction of a 3,600 sq. ft temple. The organization has expressed its shock regarding the incident and has stated that it has no plans whatsoever to shelve the plan for building the temple.

“We as American people are fighting hate, standing up to promote tolerance, respect and inclusion,” said Om Hindu Organization in a statement.

“We have no doubts that in long run we will be able to practice our religion and live peacefully in this region and work towards a pluralistic society.”

So far no evidence has been found which can substantiate whether or not the Om Hindu group was being targeted because of their religion.

The locals, including the pastor of a church which stands at approximately 275 metres from the site, have expressed their shock and disappointment. The incident happened shortly after the vandalization of the Hindu temple in the North Texas Hindu Mandir in Dallas, Texas.

The Universal Society for Hinduism has also expressed its disappointment regarding the incident and has also demanded swift action in the case.



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