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It's not enough to lock up the office at the end of the day and hope for the best

By- JR

Are you looking for a better way to protect your business assets from theft, damage, and accidental breakage? In addition to valuable inventory, many owners have to keep a close eye on pricey machinery like trucks, production equipment, computers, furniture, artwork, and more. It's not enough to lock up the office at the end of the day and hope for the best. Modern entrepreneurs use all kinds of techniques to make sure the company's belongings don't vanish in the middle of the night, suffer vandalism, or, in the case of vehicles, get into accidents. And, when those things do happen, it's helpful to have some kind of proof of what took place. The following suggestions can work to your advantage by helping to minimize asset theft, damage, and deterioration.

Use Dash Cams for Fleet Management

Fleet managers know a thing or two about asset protection. That's because the entire concept of managing vehicle fleets is based on two principles: asset protection and safety. One of the central devices that helps owners and managers keep an eye on expensive trucks and vans is the dash cam. In addition to recording road conditions and the details of accidents, the cams act as proof positive during insurance claims and help protect the company against false legal charges. Fortunately, there are many kinds of these devices available to companies that use multiple vehicles. A typical trucker dash cam, for instance, is an outward facing device that lets managers view road conditions at any time and can record events leading up to an accident. To learn more, review a handy online guide about the different types of dash cams used in commercial trucks.

Business One of the central devices that helps owners and managers keep an eye on expensive trucks and vans is the dash cam.Unsplash

Minimize Cash Usage

In today's credit-based society, going cashless is almost a reality for ordinary retail establishments. In some service stations, for example, you'd be hard pressed to find a single customer paying with paper money. But, for owners who do take in a significant amount of cash on a daily basis, it's essential to make once or twice-daily bank deposits. Letting amounts build up is a way of inviting trouble. Another solution is a timed floor safe used by thousands of convenience stores. You can deposit cash into the safe as you receive it, but it's impossible to remove it immediately.

Do Annual Background Checks on Employees

Nearly every company does at least a cursory background check on new hires. This quick investigation is not enough for most businesses. Consider using an enhanced criminal background check on all new hires. The added cost is not excessive, and it's worth every penny. Then, at the time of hiring, ask each new employee to agree to additional checks in the future, as warranted. Without this permission, it's nearly impossible for owners to protect themselves against workers who might be a threat to the organization.

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Camera All Inventory

It's surprising that in this era of low-cost surveillance cameras, many business owners do not keep a close eye on their physical inventory. That's too bad, because one of the most common forms of financial loss occurs when valuable inventory items walk away from their storage location. A simple camera setup can virtually eliminate this perennial problem.

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