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CNG stations to triple in NCR: Petroleum minister


New Delhi: The government plans to triple the current CNG stations in the national capital region (NCR) for boosting use of the clean fuel, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said here on Monday.

“We have a scheme to triple the number of CNG stations in the national capital region as part of a scheme for a Green Energy Corridor being drawn up for implementation in the next two years,” Pradhan told reporters here on the sidelines of a petroleum ministry organised seminar on “Bio Fuel Programme in India-The Way Forward”.

“The green corridors being planned would go along in all four directions from Delhi, to Jaipur, to Chandigarh, to Haridwar and to Agra. There will be many more CNG stations en route,” he said.

“Other such corridors being envisaged are the ‘triveni’ of Allahabad, Kanpur and Lucknow and Mumbai-Pune in the west. A Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh southern corridor is very much a possibility. Andhra Pradesh is showing great interest, while Bengaluru has already started laying CNG pipelines,” he added.

CNG_propelled_radio_taxiDescribing “clean energy as gas-based energy”, Pradhan said bio-fuels would contribute to the composition of the green energy corridors.

Lamenting that the government’s 2012-mandated ethanol blending program had not managed even 3 percent blending of petrol and with bio-diesel yet to take off, he said that it is to encourage ethanol that the government had earlier decided to link its price to sugarcane by fixing a procurement rate of Rs.48.50-49.50 per litre.

The Indian Sugar Mills Association had lauded the move, saying that five percent ethanol blending will save foreign exchange to the tune of $800 million.

Addressing the workshop, former head of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) R.A.Mashelkar called for a concerted development of next generation bio-fuels for India’s energy security.

“With the public good nature of both energy security and environment in this case, market forces alone cannot drive innovation,” said Mashelkar, who is currently chancellor of AcSIR, Pune and on the board of Reliance Industries. (IANS)

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Hindustan Petroleum Corp (HPCL) to resume work on Rajasthan Oil Refinery

Hindustan Petroleum (representational Image), Wikimedia

New Delhi, April 17, 2017: State-run oil marketer Hindustan Petroleum Corp (HPCL) on Monday announced its decision to resume work on its Rajasthan oil refinery.

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“Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Board at its meeting held on April 17, 2017 has approved resumption of Rajasthan Refinery Project and signing of revised MoU with the Government of Rajasthan for implementation of the project,” the company said in a stock exchange filing, without providing further details.

In March 2013, the HPCL board had approved setting up of the complex at a cost of Rs 37,320 crore, and the company had signed an MoU with the Rajasthan government for setting up the refinery-cum-petrochemical complex in the Thar desert.

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 Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had announced earlier this month that the fiscal incentives for the project had been revised.

“The fiscal package negotiated by the previous (Congress) government had put a big burden on Rajasthan. Now, that has been balanced,” he had said. (IANS)

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Grand event at Home? Here’s How to Ensure a Comfortable Stay for Guests

Representative Image,

March 28, 2017: Do you remember the good old days when hosting guests was no problem at all? People had huge homes and inviting family and guests to a wedding, family events or get –together was not a logistical nightmare. But today, as the families are becoming more nuclear in character and the size of homes are shrinking, organizing a family function that entails the attendance of extended family and friends has become a matter of much contemplation and debate. Especially, if you reside in NCR, you will have to jostle some things.  Below are some common questions most of us will have when looking for accommodation for guests –

  • Location– Will it be centrally located?
  • Budget – Will it be within one’s means or pocket?
  • Facility – Will the facility be adequate to ensure the comfort of guests?
  • Service – Will it have basic room service and laundry?

Addressing all of the above concern to the best, OYO, India’s largest branded network of Hotels has come to the rescue of several people who are looking for a comfortable yet affordable stay for their guests. Present in nearly 177 cities with over 6500+ hotels in their listing, finding affordable hotels in Greater Noida or any other part of the NCR is no longer a worry.

The OYO Advantage

Convenience of Booking – The platform has a dedicated app and web portal. Every user has a separate login, and all booking and cancellations can be done from a single log-in. For example, if you have booked more than 1 OYO rooms in your vicinity or locality, all the booking details can be accessed from a single login. The OYO application is also very easy to browse and has a user-friendly interface.

Widespread – As stated earlier, OYO has a wide reach and is present in 177 cities across India. So, if the location of the family event is in Greater Noida, finding a suitable accommodation is no longer a worry. Just specific search details and you will find a complete list of hotels in Greater Noida.

Budget-Friendly –With so many guests to host, finding an accommodation that doesn’t burn a big hole in the pocket is rather difficult. Not everyone can afford uber-luxurious stay for guests. However, with OYO rooms, that concern has been put to rest.  Not only are the hotels listed on the website budget-friendly they are well equipped with all essential facilities that anyone would want.

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Standardized Facility – With OYO accommodation, you don’t have to worry about the quality of service. For instance, if you have planned the stay of your guests at two or more locations, you don’t have to worry about the quality of service offered by each establishment. This is because, across India, every OYO accommodation offers similar facility and amenities.

Listing of Amenities – Before you book a place, the app clearly lists the amenities (Wi-Fi, power back-up, etc.) that the particular OYO room has to offer. So, you can pick up a place keeping in mind the comfort and preference of your guests.

Customer Support – The platform has a robust customer support system. Therefore, all your questions and queries will be answered immediately.

Bottom Line

Finding suitable accommodation for guests is one of the biggest problem, wedding planners or people in general have. Either the accommodations are too expensive, or the facilities are not up to the mark. However, with the popularity of OYO App, that concern has been addressed to a large extent. OYO room is easy to find and are located in the popular places of a city of neighbhourhood. You are also assured that every guest will receive similar treatment and facility. So, next time you have a big party or a wedding function, look no further than OYO rooms.

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Pollution Fight: Iranian Technology for Two Wheelers might improve Delhi Air

Member of Parliament Meenakshi Lekhi says, the "pilot project is a sign of growing India-Iran cooperation, as the Iranian kits have been used for retro-fitment"

Air Pollution in Delhi. Image source:
  • The government plans to roll out new CNG two wheeler vehicles in collaboration with Iranian government
  • CNG emissions have 20% less CO gas and 75% less hydrocarbons
  • These vehicles will be closely monitored and based on the study, they will be rolled out in the whole country

Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas (I/C) Shri Dharmendra Pradhan and Minister of State (I/C) for Environment, Forests & Climate Change Shri Prakash Javadekar jointly launched a pilot program for the first time in India to run two wheeler vehicles on CNG gas, with the help of Iran’s technology, in a new move to improve relations between the two countries.

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two wheeler
CNG gas station in Delhi. Image courtesy:

The project, called ‘Hawa Badlo’ will comprise of 50 CNG powered vehicles, having a 4.8 liters of water capacity, plying across the city of Delhi. These vehicles will be closely monitored by the government and all the stakeholders based on their activities, running emissions and fuel usage per kilometer. The government plans on expanding this program throughout the country after a careful study of these parameters, said report.

‘Hawa Badlo’, literally translates to ‘Change the air’, and in this case, it would refer to purifying the air of Indian cities. As per idle emission test, the hydrocarbon emissions from CNG retrofitted two wheelers are 75% lesser and CO emissions are 20% lesser as compared to petrol driven similar models.

M/s Ituk Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd is an Indian company handling the task of fitting CNG kits with scooters. Around 0.4 million two wheeler vehicles will receive these kits. The company will be working in close cooperation with an Iranian company.  Approvals from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) as well as Transport Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi have been obtained.

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Sputnik News reports, according to the Center for Science & Environment, pollution from two wheeler vehicles account to one third of vehicular pollution. In a paper submitted by, it is mentioned that these CNG fitted motorcycles and scooters will also be economically friendly. They can drive upto 120 kms in a single fill and are expected to be substantially economical as compared to a similar petrol run vehicle at the current level of prices, as per the kit manufacturer.

The government has been striving strongly to improve the air quality in New Delhi, and the rest of the country. Realizing the eminent danger of increasing pollution, The ‘Hawa Badlo’ movement is a people’s initiative to fight air pollution which is supported by GAIL and city gas distribution companies.

-This report is compiled by a Staff-writer at NewsGram.