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Crocs Donates 5000 Pairs of Shoes to Migrant Families

Crocs donated in Cheeta Camp, Mankhurd, Maharashtra in partnership with CRY and S4S

As yet another example of fashion with a cause, international footwear brand Crocs, Inc. has donated 5,000 pairs of shoes to migrant families in Cheeta Camp, Mankhurd, Maharashtra in partnership with CRY and S4S. The donation aims to provide relief to vulnerable families impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, by providing easy-to-clean and comfortable shoes.

The initiative is carried out by Jeevan Dhara, a project supported by CRY works at the grassroots level and has deep connections to those at Cheeta Camp. The donation brought ease of mind and overall wellbeing during this unprecedented time.

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Talking about why such initiatives are crucial at these unprecedented times, Kreeanne Rabadi, Regional Director (west), CRY (Child Rights and You) says, “While all sections of society are facing the brunt of this on gong crisis, there are considerably worse issues in the slums. Living in congested homes with narrow alleys, there is no prospect of social distancing leading to a higher chance of getting infected and constantly lurking fear of the disease. With children, unable to go to school not only has their education come to a standstill as they do not have access to devices and the internet, but the threat of child labor and early marriage is also very real. With the parents losing livelihoods, the children battle with the increase in violence in their own homes.”

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She adds “In terms of nutrition and health, what used to be a malnutrition issue is now exacerbated by hunger and starvation and parents not taking the children for regular monitoring and immunizations leading to an increase in health problems. With these extremely critical circumstances, the families are not feeling any cause for hope and are living day to day. An association with Crocs provides the community a ray of hope � while everyone is providing food, the families are using their old footwear some in a rather deplorable condition. With the distribution of high-quality, all-weather footwear the families are not worried about purchasing shoes. These shoes work wonderfully well to protect the feet walking through the narrow lanes of the slums.”

Lallubhai shanty compound in the Mankhurd section of Mumbai. Pixabay

Buddy Teaser, President & CEO, Soles4Souls said “We are thrilled to continue our global partnership with Crocs. Helping to distribute thousands of pairs around the region to more than a half dozen countries is another great example of how for-profit and not for profit companies can solve business challenges while helping those in need”

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Earlier in the year, the brand and Priyanka Chopra Jonas joined forces to support the frontline workers by donating 10,000 pairs of shoes in India and the US under the global donation program “A Free Pair for Healthcare”. Under the program, Crocs has donated over 860,000 shoes across the globe to healthcare professionals. Crocs have always been a brand that encourages everyone to be comfortable in their own shoes. In the face of adversity and the coronavirus pandemic, many individuals needed that support more than ever.

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Sumit Dhingra, Managing Director of Crocs India said, “We know that doing the right thing is the right thing for Crocs. That’s why are pleased to join hands with CRY and support the society by donating 5,000 pairs of shoes to women and children in Cheeta Camp. We are hopeful that this donation will add comfort to the lives of migrant families. We will continue to work relentlessly and serve the community to ensure we reach out to those in need.” (IANS)



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