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Discovery of 22 Gold Plates with Inscribed Names of Gods is ‘cherry on top’ for Java Tourism

2016 has been a busy year in Boyolali, Java where other than the gold plates being identified three more discoveries have occurred

Lucky find: Ancient gold plates are found in a stone box in Ringinlarik village in Musuk district, Boyolali, on Sept. 7.(JP/Ganug Nugroho Adi)

Java, September 28, 2016: During an aquifer project in Ringilarik village, Musuk district in the Boyolali area of Central Java which involved digging in the location; 22 small gold plates inside a stone box with names of wind gods inscribed on it, was discovered, said a report by Jakarta Post on September 7.

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After surveying the site, the archaeologists found Candi, a Buddhist or Hindu temple in the same location. This disclosure led to the location being termed as a ‘Heritage Site’. These plates were engraved  in Javanese letters and it has also been confirmed that each plate consists of 18 carat gold, mentioned Jakarta Post.

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The year 2016 has been a busy one in Boyolali. Java, where other than the gold plates being identified, three more discoveries have occurred. First being the discovery of Mahakala statue by a brick maker.  Apart from that, in Nepen- four stupas of 1.5 meters tall was also discovered.

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Java, an island situated in Indonesia is known for its holy temples, scenic beauty, beautiful fields, age-old mountains, ample of the rain forest and said to be a great tourist destination, this event will certainly be a boost to java tourism and contribute in making it  more popular than it is now.

The gold plates found in central Java is said to be of the 8th century and the owner and the workers of the land will get monetary compensation.

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