Diwali 2020: Here Are Five Ways To Enjoy Your Diwali Other Than Bursting Crackers

Diwali - "Victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance"

Diwali 2020
Celebrate your Diwali in a interesting manner. Pixabay

By Shweta Porwal

Diwali the season of lighting, bursting crackers, and happiness is all the way down and is around the corner, but a severe increase in air pollution and also the growing pandemic has made our festive season a bit low. While making a contribution to saving the environment we are asked not to burn crackers this Diwali and to sit at home and enjoy.

No crackers this Diwali? No problem. There are other ways to celebrate Diwali 2020 with the same excitement and joy.

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The ban on crackers and the pandemic this year has given us a chance to celebrate Diwali 2020 in many other interesting ways with closed ones.

There can so much more than bursting crackers on Diwali. Here are 5 ways to enjoy Cracker-free Diwali 2020

1.Prepare a Diwali Feast:

Preparing Delicious Diwali Dishes and Sweets can be a good idea to enjoy Diwali this year. Show off your cooking skills and treat your family with mouthwatering food is the new normal these days after the lockdown. Good food can add joy to any celebration, it is a tried and tested formula to enjoy and bring smiles on the face of family and friends, along with other Diwali decoration ideas. Preparing Delicious and Sweets can be a good idea to enjoy Diwali this year.

Diwali 2020
Sweets can never go wrong, Good food is equivalent to a good mood. Pixabay

2. Go Green:

Some gardening skills can add to your joy this Diwali. Plant a sapling in your home and instead of giving any other gifts to your loved ones, gift a plant to them. This will not only add to the uniqueness of the gift but will encourage a pollution-free Diwali this year.

3. Try out the old tradition of Playing Cards on Diwali:

Playing Taash (cards) can be fun this Diwali with family and friends. Teen Patti is the most popular card game played at the festival of Diwali. All you need is cards and a playing team which will bring more light to your Diwali this year. You can also play a monopoly if you are not sure of winning with cards.

4.Karaoke or Dance Party:

Music is the best way to enjoy on every occasion. Music and dance can never be a disappointment because they go hand in hand. Play music and dance to your favorite beat with all your energy. You can play Antakshari with your family or can throw a dance party on Diwali in 2020. A karaoke night this Diwali can add your joy for sure.

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5.Spread Happiness:

Last but not least spread an ample amount of happiness. Instead of spending money on crackers, help the underprivileged children in your neighborhood by buying them new clothes, sweets, and Diyas. This year stay at home, control pollution, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and spread happiness to truly enjoy the festival of lights.

(The article was originally written in October 2017, and is re-edited on November 10, 2020)