Electronic Dance Music (EDM) World is mostly Dominated by Male DJs, Female Artistes have to prove themselves to Earn Respect: Indian DJ duo Nina-Malika

the scales are turning our way now as women DJs are really making a mark both locally and internationally," says Malika

A DJ playing music for the audience, Wikimedia

New Delhi, Nov 20, 2016: Indian DJ duo Nina-Malika, who are soon to perform at the Sunburn music festival in Pune next month, say that as the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) world is mostly dominated by male DJs, female artistes have to prove themselves to earn respect.

“There’s less competition among the female DJs as there are fewer of us in the industry, but yes, as a female DJ, you definitely have to prove yourself to get respect in this industry,” Nina told IANS in an e-mail interview.

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However, Malika says that “the scales are turning our way now as women DJs are really making a mark both locally and internationally”.

The duo also performed at the Global Citizen Festival India on Saturday.

Asked what makes them stand out among other DJs, Nina said: “I think we bring a unique combination of homegrown as well as international flavour to the table. With our mixed roots combined with our Indian heritage, we’re able to curate a sound with all-rounder appeal”.

“Our music appeals to audiences in India as well as abroad, so that’s something unique,” Malika added. (IANS)


  1. Once again we are reminded of the lack of Female DJs at festivals. How about doing something about it like promoting those female djs that are out there and inspiring women to do so, rather than whine about it? I do it and so should you.

  2. Female DJs like Shireen, Angel, Pearl are producing great music. All they need is a bit encouragement and they will achieve great success


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