Facebook leads while Twitter lags in popularity charts among U.S. internet users

By NewsGram Staff Writer

facebook-logo_24521000Washington: In the list of social media sites, Facebook still remains on top of the charts. In the race of most popular social networking sites for U.S. based internet users, Facebook has been ranked one while Twitter seems to be lagging behind.

Innumerable researches done in the past prove that younger generation favor Facebook more as compared to Twitter or any other social networking site.

Recently Pew Research Center (PRC) conducted a study and found out that as many as 72% of American adults who use internet prefer Facebook over Twitter. Facebook is also a popular choice for about 77% of American women who use internet. This data has been nearly same since September 2014 as Twitter hasn’t managed to attract any new users.

This report by PRC is based on telephonic interviews taken from March 17 to April 12. They collected a sample of 1,907 American adults to conclude this study.

Other sites like Pinterest and Instagram have shown slight boost too but Twitter has been stagnant since a long time. According to the study done by PRC, Pinterest has seen around 31% of online usage and is closely followed by Instagram which has a usage of 28% in its kitty.

Further, the report revealed that 82% of adults in the age group of 18 to 29 like Facebook more than Twitter. The reports clearly show a dip in Twitter usage and rise in the popularity of Facebook.

If these reports are to be believed then Twitter has to take some dedicated steps towards employing new tools on their site which can tempt more users. Till then, Facebook continues to rule.


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