Facebook Rolled Out Dark Mode Globally

It helps users enjoy lower brightness

Facebook dark mode
Facebook dark mode is now available globally for every users. Pixabay

Facebook has finally started to broadly roll out Dark Mode for billions of users on Android smartphones.

A company spokesperson confirmed the move to XDA Developers that the feature is being rolled out globally.

“We know people have been asking for Dark Mode, and they won’t have to wait much longer. People will start to see the option in their Facebook app settings as we roll it out globally,” a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying.

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WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger already have Dark Mode support. The Facebook interface will not be completely black like on Instagram and Messenger but a grayscale design with white accents for logos and icons.

Facebook dark mode
Facebook dark mode can be switched on from the setting option. Pixabay

Facebook has been slow to introduce support for Dark Mode to all of its apps.

In May, Facebook rolled out the much-awaited new feature on its revamped and immersive desktop app for all users.

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It helps users enjoy lower brightness, alongside contrast and vibrancy, thus minimizing screen glare for use in low light.

Reports first appeared in April that Facebook was in the process of developing and designing for its main platform on iOS and iPad. (IANS)