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Few Yoga Asanas That Help You Provide A Firm Face And Glowing Skin

Yoga poses that detoxify the body and increase blood circulation, points out cosmetic surgeon Dr. Geeta Grewal

In our day-to-day beauty regime, psychological peace and spiritual balance play a relevant role. We never think but most of our skin problems are due to various imbalances in our body fluids, blood circulation, no exercise, and stress too.

Apart from its innumerable health benefits, Yoga also helps to beautify skin. Practicing yoga daily is beneficial and helps eliminate toxins from your body through sweating, breath-workout, and poses that detoxify the body and increase blood circulation, points out cosmetic surgeon Dr. Geeta Grewal.

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Here are a few yoga asanas that can help to provide you a firm face and glowing skin:

Increase blood flows to your face

Standing forward bend and let your head free or uttanasana and viprita Karani. These poses help the blood to rush to your head, reverses the aging effect, and giving your cells a rejuvenating boost of oxygen.

Eliminate wrinkles

Yoga also makes your skin tighter and smoother, as you work with muscles of the forehead and around your eyes that helps to erase the effects when you performed. When you practice facial yoga like the lion, the V, and smiling faces, it helps to reduce your forehead wrinkles by increasing circulation, relaxing muscles, and reducing stress.

Glowing skin

Mudras like Marichyasana, Dhanurasana and halasana, reduce dullness. IANS

The downward-facing Mudras like Marichyasana, Dhanurasana, and halasana, reduce dullness and clear the acne, disseminating that amazing young-looking glow and improve your complexion drastically.

Reduce facial fat

At one point in time, you will stop liking the chubbiness of your cheeks and facial fat. Yoga pose for cheeks, lips, and jaw can help you to tighten your skin and reduce your facial fat. The cheeks workouts are the easiest workout that you can do anywhere anytime to tone and firm your facial muscles, cheeks, and lips. Some of them are the V, smiling, etc.

Exterminate double chin

Yoga poses like chin lift, rolling the neck, lip pull, jaw release, platysma tone help to get a chiseled jawline, and high cheekbone which are in the trend that defines the face.

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Get rid of pimples

Yoga increases blood flow, removes toxins, and captures free radicals that help you to get rid of pimples. Pimples mainly caused due to stress and hormonal changes. Thus, yoga helps to balance hormones, relax your body, and relieve stress. Various yoga poses like uttanasana, trikonasana, kapalbhati, viparita Karani, pavan muktasana can help you fight pimples.

Free from acne and scars

Acne and scars are very common these days; seven out of 10 people are facing the problem of scars and acne. This causes mainly due to poor digestion, imbalance hormones, toxication in the liver and kidney, and improper blood circulation. Pranayam breathing, rabbit pose, child pose, spinal twists, adequate sleep help you to get rid of scars and acne.

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Remove dark circles

The natural way to zap those dark circles away is yoga like hastpadotasan, sambhavi mudras, and Surya namaskar.

Faster Hair Growth

Yoga is also highly capable of treating all types of hair and scalp problems. If you have been suffering from the problem of hair loss, you can try various yoga poses for actual results. Some of the best poses of yoga for hair growth that also help to prevent hair loss are Vajrasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Sarvangasan, and Balyam Yoga. (IANS)



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