Exclusive Interview: Former MP of Nepal Dirgha Raj Prasai shares his views on Faith, Religion and Human Motives

Exclusive Interview: Former MP of Nepal Dirgha Raj Prasai shares his views on Faith, Religion and Human Motives

Faith, Religion and Human Motives

Religions and Religious Faith are two of the major perspectives that fuel most of the human actions in a mass and lead to becoming a national upheaval. While activists, socio-cultural analysts, and intellectuals keep on discussing and over-discussing the social issues; the tragic human outcry keeps getting more serious by the day.

Days keep passing and an year is about to end with us ushering in another year, in search of happy times ahead. But we carry the perpetual consequences of nations falling apart and global mayhems with us! On the occasion of one such realisations, I (Reporter Antara Kumar of NewsGram) interviewed Mr Dirgha Raj Prasai where he shares his perspective on the issues of religious faith and national uproars.

Mr. Prasai is a Political and Cultural Analyst and former Member of the Parliament (two times) Nepal, Former Consultant of Nepal Administrative Staff College and Former Advisor of the Local Development Ministry-Nepal.

December 15, 2016: Excerpts from the interview-

  1. What is your view on the ongoing attacks on Hinduism?

Under the leadership of the creator of United Nepal, Prithvi Narayan Shah had unified more than 54 small fiefdoms to build a large, expanded and strong Nepal. The British Empire, spreading in Asia, after getting hold of its influence in India had eyed on the mountainous region of Nepal.

At that time, it was not an easy task to fight British imperialistic force in the mid 18th century. Prithvi Narayan Shah, the great King fought and won the British forces and saved the National sovereignty and Hindu identity.

But, now Nepal is in danger position. Nepalese all around the world and Nepal's well-wishers are anxious about the conspiracy designed by some deviant party leaders- the agents of Congress (I) and its RAW, EU and CIA, who had and have been active to Christian this pious Hindu and Buddha land that were and are still against the Monarchy and Hinduism. We want to be free of foreign intervention pertaining to our national unity, our traditional culture, and we will be free.

Since the ancient times, democracy has been a system that has been exercised and recited in Himwatkhanda. We have been adopting as the chief policy of giving equal opportunity to all to exercise their freedom, and we have tried to provide food and shelter for all.

Lord Pashupatinath

Religious freedom is our belief. Everyone has the right to follow their own religion. However, by showing the attraction of money, Christians have been alluring people to convert their religion; they have become one of the destroyers the foundation of Hindu religion, which we regard as enemies. Against such people all Hindu world must unite. Due to the secularism and republican system, the country is standing on the verge of dismemberment in the last ten years.

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  1. What is your idea about the possible solutions for the ongoing problems?

Yes, to end the entire crisis in Nepal, there should be in existence the identified symbols of Nepal-the Hindu monarchy and Hindu kingdom to keep intact Nepal sovereignty. The permanent institution- 'Monarchy' can put unites the cordial relation between Nepal, India and China. In between the two big neighbors-China & India, the monarchy had been playing a balanced role.

Nepalese monarchy is identified the most convincing identity of Nepal's independence, cultural unity and safeguards the Indian culture and peace also. I think, majority of the Indian people also want peaceful Nepal by restoring the only one Hindu kingdom in Nepal with monarchy. You know- Since 2005, in the name of Secularism and republic, the foreigners especially- RAW, EU & CIA are active to abolish the Hindu identity- to Christianize in Nepal. Then India also can trap on Christian's ambush.

Some leaders of Congress, UML, Maoist, these self-serving secularists– agents of foreigners, refuse to see that 'Theocracy' is alive as well internationally. Just look at all the Islamic states, Israel, as well as many European states that proclaim them secular but practice hard-core evangelical proselytising Christianity.

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  1. Do you have any upcoming projects/ campaigns/ book-ideas?

We Nepalese people never adjust to the attacking of the anti-Nepal Evil elements. Nepal is a country which has a long history of communal harmony where all castes, religions and languages have survived and flourished with tolerance and co-existence.

The Nepali language establishes the unity and collective identity of the diverse ethnic groups of Nepal. The Nepali Language has been both the official and the Lingua Franca between ethnic groups of Nepal (as well as abroad) because it is the international language, but we respect English too.

We accept the Hindi Language as well but not as an official language, because everybody has their own mother language. Since 2006, We, the Nepalese people are fighting against the naked intervention of India's RAW and CIA. The reality is that we should have Nepal as a good example of 'unity in diversity.' That is, we must

The reality is that we should have Nepal as a good example of 'unity in diversity.' That is, we must recognize the multi-cultures and multi-languages of Nepal as the national assets. So, to keep intact Nepal's identity, we are active to chase away the traitors who are capturing regime before 10 years.

  1. What are you presently focusing on?

In Nepal, we are very active to chase away the traitors, looters and anti-Hindu elements who are in regime. Now- it is a matter of happiness that the strong Hindu nationalist party-BJP and its Modi Govt is ruling in India. Modi Government is positive to restore the Hindu Crown (monarchy) and world renowned Hindu kingdom.

Hindu Crown

Nepal and India are only the two pious Hindu countries in the world. India has witnessed the historical victory of nationalist patriotic power as a democratic practice of world's largest democracy. We heartily congratulate Prime minister Narendra Modi, a visionary leader.

We believe Indo-Nepal relations will find new dimensions with the current government of India. We are against any interference. But we always seek positive support and developmental cooperation. At this time, we are in crisis. All Nepali people want India be supportive in reinstating our lost pride-Hinduism and constitutional monarch.

The Nepalese monarch always has goodwill with India. The fact is that the Nepalese monarchs held special right for carrying out ritualistic worship in many Hindu shrines and temples in India. Then, India's Hindutwa also can be dignified. Nepal has cordially sustainable relationship with India. Being identity and survival essence, Nepal must reinstate the Hindu Kingdom and constitutional monarch. India should play a positive and supportive role to the issue.

The RSS Chief Dr Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat says- the ideology of Hinduism is not against anyone and it is all about love, faith and intimacy with all. We work for the country and it is not about ritualism. It is based on spiritualism and truth. Hindus should be made prosperous.

Not bigotry, but a society where there is warmth for all is needed. Society is our God. We are here to serve the society; we should not think what we will get in return. We are working for all round development of Hindu nation. But there should be no arrogance that we are working for that. No work should be done in reaction to something, adding, Lord Buddha preached about nonviolence and tolerance.'

We are proud to be Nepali and we Nepalese people are enjoying ourselves in this peaceful environment in this religious Hindu and Buddha land. The attractive nature is the gift of God and Goddess. Nepal is a mini-world! Physically, Nepal is built on the high Himalayas including the highest peak in the world, hills and the low-land Terai.

More than one million visitors come to Nepal every year for wildlife viewing, river rafting, and mountain climbing. Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, and Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak are in Nepal and hundreds of mountaineers from across the world come to conquer them. The Mount Everest- Sagarmatha, the highest peak in the world is an adventurous and best tourism destination in the world and a pride for Nepal.

Nepal has sufficient water for hydroelectricity, which can be used to earn foreign currencies. Nepal is a land of colourful cultures, ancient history and people, superb scenery and some of the best walking on earth. Many of the tourists feel "Nepal is the most beautiful place in the world." So, our focus is only to save nation fighting against the enemies of Nepal who have been working by the hints of Christians and such foreigners.

  1. Tell us something about Nepal's present religious situations and all the problems regarding it, that the country is facing.

We Nepalese people are suffering from the traitors, looters and Christians' broker regime in Nepal and we want to punish these elements keeping in jail. Since the unification of Nepal, this nation has operated under legal norms.

Nepal has always run under a constitution. The Congress (I) and its RAW had forced to draft a constitution through a Constituent Assembly (CA), which was the main cause of crisis in Nepal. The Congress (I) leader Sonia Gandhi wanted to finish the Hindu kingdom from Nepal and then she imposed to end all the identified symbols of Nepal including Hindu monarchy. But, now, we have only the problem to chase away the traitor's regime of Maoist, Congress and UML.

6. Your view about the role of media and its coverage of the Iraq war.

Iraq war was created by America in the time of Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi brokers were used to topple the statue of the same Saddam Hussein. Iraq plunged into civil war and Saddam Hussein was hanged till death.

Similarly, in 1979, Osama Bin Laden was made a popular leader to implement US imperialism in Arabic countries. When America could not get along with Bin Laden to manipulate Afghanistan, they separated. Now America is using a big force against Bin Laden.

In reality, America is playing a role of the terrorist to terrorize the world. Christian religion and human rights agendas are American weapon of terrorism. America is spending a lot of money in the name of human rights and it is spilling blood. Apart from the expenses of Christian Mission and European nations to spread Christianity in the world 'CIA' alone spends $ 1 billion annually. Hence, if America does not stop, that will be the cause of downfall of America. As goes the saying- 'too much of anything is bad.'

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  1. Do you think that the portrayal of the present state of the war-afflicted country is somewhat biased?

Religious ego is the cause of confrontation. The conflict between Christianity and Muslim religion has been intensifying. They are not taking any steps to create an environment of reconciliation. America has been adopting the imperialistic policy through Christianity in the world. After the collapse of Soviet Russia, America feels China as the one and only competitor.

America envies Chinese increasing market in the world and its cheap products. America's desire is to take the world under the grip of its monopoly. America is backing Dalai Lama for Free Tibet campaign under the pretext of human rights. Its intention is to disintegrate China by pointing to the human rights violations in Tibet.

On the other hand- after the discovery of oil in Sudan has changed the dynamics of the conflict and, as luck would have it, the oil was struck in the Islamic, northern Sudan. So human rights groups and Christian missionary organizations have been crying themselves hoarse over the "brutal anti-Christian campaign of the Muslim government" and the "persecution of the non-Muslims."

USAID has spent $1.2 billion, most of it to support the SPLA, the Christian rebel group in Southern Sudan. The CIA-USAID-Missionary partnership story in Sudan is completed. Being the dubious activities of USA, now- 2011, Sudan is divided- North and South. If America wants peace it must abandon its suicidal conspiratorial plans. The days when America showed its monopoly are over. It is because of its own works, America will face its destruction. I am a political astrologer. This is my forecasting- if America and European nations can't think creatively, religion will become the cause of the third World War.

8. What do you think about the developed nations' attitude towards the developing countries of the third-world?

The attitude of the developed nations wants to capture the internal policy of the small nations and their intentions is only to impose their politics to keep their ownership for colonisation.

D. R. Prasai in a street protest

  1. What are your views on the modern trend of Westernization?

The western nations are not satisfied that Nepal is the only one Hindu kingdom in the world and they want to impose their own Christian religion but, the reality is that Muslim and Christian religions took birth long after the creation of Hindu religion and its civilisation.

An extensive and erudite amalgam of Hindu knowledge brings together the scholarly and the spiritual. It reflects the culture of one of the oldest and the richest living civilisations of the world in all its glory and splendour. It has been proved that Jesus was also influenced by Vedic Hindu philosophy.

Hindu religion is the most personally expanding and psychologically empowering religion on the earth. It is a path that teaches its followers to be fearless, dedicated, focused, strong, assertive, self-controlled, virtuous, self-reliant, and to strive for excellence in all endeavours. It teaches us how to be civilised. After all, the western countries are not realising the facts. In fact, they are exercising in futility against Hinduism.


The religion teaches us how to be civilised. Only Vedic-Hindu can empower us in such a manner, however, when the full philosophy and lifestyle of religion is actually followed and practised in daily life. Hindu is a religion of the possible. It is a tradition that teaches us that anything and everything that we can dream is attainable.

We, Hindus are radically free to perform any positive task, to reach out boldly toward any constructive goal, to achieve any vision that our imaginations can reveal.

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'The Hindu representative must carefully orchestrate their business of introducing Hinduism since the core beliefs of it are very threatening to Abrahamic. All confrontations must be avoided via constantly bringing up and defining the Hindu concepts of Karma, reincarnation, soul, secularism and non-violence. Hinduism should be introduced boldly and precisely as the most uncontaminated spirituality on earth and it should be done by defining Advaita Vedanta.

Sankhya-Yoga, Buddhism and other schools of Hindu Philosophy (psychology)- the biggest strength of Hinduism is the emphasis on oneness with the entire creation from the smallest sand particle to the animals, rivers, mountains and human being of any creed, colour, gender or faith.

Interviewed by Antara Kumar of NewsGram. Twitter: @ElaanaC

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