Build Home Library with These Simple Tips and You will Probably Never Want to Leave!

Build Home Library with These Simple Tips and You will Probably Never Want to Leave!

Home libraries are deeply personal and therapeutic. A well-decorated library establishes a more relaxed mood and inspires your creativity. The art of creating a reading nook in your home to curl up with a good book is a great way to unwind after a long day. While e-books might be convenient, there is a different joy of holding an actual book. Build a home library with these simple tips and you will probably never want to leave!

Maximalist Grandeur

The idea of maximalism is to have lots of it. Start with a basic colour palette and move on to experiment with a lot of bold colours thereon but remember to have a few common colours and patterns. You may opt for a bookshelf that's not only vertical but also horizontal, enlarging not only the storage space but also the enhancing the aesthetic appeal. One can make use of interesting objects collected over time as bookends to create a visually inspiring space within the book shelf. Stacking up different sized cabinets one after another can uplift the space by providing a well-defined character to the space.

Contemporary Cues

Home libraries are deeply personal and therapeutic. Flickr

If you are someone who loves a contemporary space, opt for bookshelves with subtle hues. You may have a single colour dominate the entire space or just have your bookshelf in a bold colour, making it stand out. This will also create symmetry and set the tone and vibe of the room. You may opt for wooden or glass shelves, with a sleeker and shinier look to add depth to your living ecosystem.

Serene Minimalism

Minimalism has a quaint charm of its own. But getting it right, is an art. Calm and muted colours set the right mood for a soothing aura. You may opt for mini portable storage spaces and have these stationed at different corners of the house to help organize essentials you need during the day. For instance, have a culinary bookshelf in the kitchen, novels in the bedroom for bedtime reading, craft bookshelf in the play area, etc.

An Eclectic effervescence

Let the artistic flair of a Bohemian setting take over the library. Bring in a burst of colours and patterns to give this space an instant makeover. Grab your favourite classic and perch yourself on an Aztec patterned plush wing chair whose cushy comfort will ensure that you're at ease for hours at end. For less compact spaces, introduce an element of the outdoors by bringing in a hammock to unwind on while you binge read your favourite volumes. Add some throws and pillows in shades of living coral, powder blues and luscious yellows to add a sumptuous vibe to the setting. Give your hardcovers and paperbacks the attention they deserve by bringing in distressed wood bookshelves in serene white hues. Elevate the set up further by adorning the walls with quirky wall murals and tasseled wall hangings. Illuminate the space with pastoral jute lamps and quirky reading lights.

Vehemently vintage

Take a trip down the memory lane by creating a classic vogue home library inspired by the 70s. Curl up on the vintage scalloped or floral accent chairs paired with an ottoman while you unfold the chronicles of your cherished volumes. Add an unconventional industrial touch to the space with gold-rimmed metallic tables to hold essentials. Or you can opt for wooden tables with cabriole legs. Adorn the table by placing atop metal tripod lamps along with your antique curio collection. Display your paperback treasures in flair by bringing out that old ladder from the storeroom and set it up against the wall. Layer up the ladder with a refreshing assortment of climber plants, small candles and vinyl. (IANS)

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