Food Habits to Follow if You Have Arthritis

Food Habits to Follow if You Have Arthritis

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects joint and bone pain. It could be a problem or a matter of concern, If not taken care of at the right time. Hence it is important to follow these few tips such as proper sunlight exposure every day, having food products that provide calcium and Vitamin B12 with all micronutrition for e.g. olive oil, green tea, blueberries, etc, and also taking all the medications recommended by doctors.

Eating food habits should be defendant, right from a young age when you're a teenager in your early 20s, advises Dr. Ashwani Maichand, Orthopedic Surgeon, Apollo spectra Delhi.

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He says: "Arthritis is no more an age-related disorder and does not affect only those above 45 years. This is basically more relevant to the teenage generations who are not particular about their timings of the food, their content of the food. Osteoporosis means a lack of calcium in bones even in young patients. So young patients form to get early arthritis."

He lists down a few food items that can worsen your condition:

Refined Sugars

Sugary food can be a risk factor for arthritis. Chocolates, ice-cream, aerated drinks, all sweets to be avoided

Red Meat

Red meat can worsen your problem. It is a source of inflammation in arthritis.

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Excessive Salt Intake

Avoid canned soups and foods that have excessive use of salt.

Deep-fried Foods

Fried foods can be inflammatory and excessively worsen arthritis because it is made of high Omega fatty acids.

Osteoporosis means a lack of calcium in bones even in young patients. So young patients form to get early arthritis. Pixabay

Foods to be Taken on a Regular Basis:

Fruits: Dried plums, pomegranate, grapes, peaches, apples, blueberries, seasonal fruits are always good for the health. Everyone needs to eat fruits on a regular basis this helps to improve the overall health

Oils: Olive oil, Fish oil are good for bones

Herbs: Sallaki, Aswagandha are beneficial

Whole grains and cereals: Wheat, Oats, Corn, Rice, Barley

Spices: Ginger and garlic

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Calcium is basically available in milk products, Most of them love dairy products so one should include milk curd on a regular basis

A vegetarian can have vitamin B12 Products, some fresh fruits, and some green vegetables for your good muscle strength.

These foods are lower oxidative stress. It also helps in reducing joint stiffness and pain. The expert shares a few tips that can help keep arthritis at bay.

Exercise: It not only takes the stress of the excess weight of your joint but also strengthens muscle around your joint. So, for strengthening your muscles regular exercise is important along with the intake of protein.

Add fish to your diet: Certain fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 has a number of health benefits and can reduce inflammation in your body. For e.g. � Salmon, trout, and sardines.

Control your weight: Your knees should take the support of your body. Being overweight can take a quick toll on them. Diet and exercise can help you bring weight into a healthier range. (IANS)