Demand For Freelancers Have Increased By 75 Percent In Large Corporates

Demand For Freelancers Have Increased By 75 Percent In Large Corporates

A survey has revealed that the demand for freelancers in large corporates has increased by over 75 percent in the last year even as the industries faced the wrath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As per the data collected by Flexing It, a curated platform for access to vetted independent consultants, it has been revealed that it has witnessed a 75 percent rise in demand from large corporates to hire high-quality freelance talent for the duration of November 2019 to October 2020.

As per the data, management consulting, FMCG and pharmaceuticals/healthcare have emerged as the top three industries using skilled flexible talent, freelancers accounting for more than half the assignments in 2019-20.

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This entails demand for critical profiles, including strategy and business development (23 percent), information technology (14 percent), and marketing (12 percent).

Fuelled by greater professional autonomy, and increased millennial workforce, and the adoption of big platforms, India's flexible talent is getting persistent traction for addressing the market shifts, surge in demand due to Covid-19, and need for specialized roles with a stronger shift towards digitization while keeping the costs optimized.

"A lot of corporates are leveraging the power of flexible talent for redefining the customer experience, minimizing cybersecurity threats, and developing digital commerce strategies, apart from using data analytics to drive short-term and long-term business growth," the report revealed.

Chandrika Pasricha, CEO, and Founder of Flexing It said, "Covid-19 has propelled the growth of high-quality flexible talent in India by making businesses understand the value of having specialized talent onboard, given today's evolving environment. We are confident that more and more companies will focus on having a dedicated flexible talent strategy in place in the next few years, similar to their permanent workforce." (IANS)

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