Top iOS 13 Features That Light Up Your Smartphone And Internet Experience

Top iOS 13 Features That Light Up Your Smartphone And Internet Experience

By Nauman

Every time iPhone comes with a new update, its users cannot help but praise the conveniences it brings with it. Not only do these updates assure the security of the device, but they also tend to make the experience a lot simpler and easier for iPhone users, which is why most users are always looking forward to the latest updates.

Apple iPhones are, without a doubt, one of the most sold smartphones in the world. Have you ever wondered why these smartphones are in such high demand by the users? Is it the software? Is it the camera? Is it the interior or the Exterior? In this article, we will list 8 features of iOS 13 that will certainly reveal the reason why the iPhone is one of the best innovative smartphones in the market and how it lights up the user experience. So without further ado, let us get started.

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1. Volume Control Icon

Previously what became inconvenient for the user was the appearance of the volume control icon on the screen the minute you tried to decrease or increase the volume. You lost a good number of seconds while watching a video. You would reserve it in the hope of re-watching the entire video again when you would realize the appearance of other options on the screen. Uneasy, right? iOS 13 can hide this volume graphic by redesigning it in a different format so that the content remains unhindered, giving you the best streaming experience.

2. Improved Wi-Fi Settings

iOS 13 comes with enhanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings. Now you can enjoy your high-speed internet connection to its full potential because this software keeps up with the internet speed. So, if you are playing COD or streaming an online show, your iPhone will not disrupt your activity, keeping you connected to the World Wide Web at all times.

iOS 13 comes with enhanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings. Pixabay

To reap the benefits of this amazing feature, make sure that you have installed a fast and reliable internet service just like the one offered in Spectrum internet packages. Charter Spectrum offers various internet plans that come with unlimited data and a complete security suite to protect you against online threats. So, subscribe to your desired internet plan today and enjoy your newly updated smartphone to its best potential.

3. Quick Actions

Previously we have been using 3D touch on the applications, which is expected to be removed from this year's iPhone 12. Now when you press the icons for long, Quick Actions will pop up. You can select whatever you intend to do with the app instead of opening the app and then going to the settings. This feature comes in handy when you are in a rush to perform tasks as it saves a lot of time as well as effort.

4. Adjustable Size of On-Screen Handwriting

This feature was brought up specifically for Kanji speakers/Chinese who need more space for typing text. You can even handwrite text for your own as well as the receiver's convenience. If you do not speak or write Chinese, your mind must be going creative with more ideas to utilize this feature, which is why you should give it a try.

5. Optimized Battery Charging

You can learn about your everyday charging routine. Pixabay

In iOS 13, you will find a unique toggle in Settings>Battery. Here you can learn about your everyday charging routine to avoid negligence on the battery-charging activity. If you want to elongate the battery life of your iPhone, you need to be a little wary of the charging activities every single day. This informative feature is quite beneficial for users who consistently work on their smartphones and cannot afford to have low battery life.

6. Access to iMessage and FaceTime for Dual SIM Users

For those of us who had two active SIMs on their phones and were not able to access iMessage and FaceTime from both the SIMs, thanks to iOS 13 for now we can easily use both the features without having to fret over the hindrance.

7. Delete Apps Directly from App Store

This feature is useful for those who find it difficult to locate an app to delete it. First, one has to go through the hassle of locating it, and then finally upon finding, press the icon long enough for it to wiggle, and finally, press the "x" to remove it from your phone. However, with iOS, you can simply go to the App Store where you will find the entire list of applications installed on your phone. Just swipe left on the app and get rid of it instantly. It is that simple!

8. Perspective Adjustment of Images

Here comes the most anticipated feature of all, the perspective adjustment on the images. Previously you had to keep relocating the camera to capture an image. Now you can just open the crop tool to edit and adjust perspective on a photo as well as a video.

That is all for today. Stay tuned to learn more about Apple updates regarding iPhone 12.

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