Touchless Attendance Machine: The Next Generation Of Attendance Systems

Touchless Attendance Machine: The Next Generation Of Attendance Systems

Technology is continuously evolving thus, resulting in the upscaling of our work style. Picking up the right attendance software for your organization requires careful understanding, and a lot of research is involved in the process. To keep track of the employee's work hours and ensure their productivity, organizations should switch to a smart attendance management system. Given that a pandemic is going on, and employers are focused on minimizing contact amongst people, organizations should opt for a touchless attendance machine.

A well-defined platform for attendance becomes vital as it helps the companies achieve higher operational efficiency other than creating a digitally connected work environment.

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A touchless attendance machine is responsible for ensuring employees' visibility.

What is an Attendance Management System?

Attendance Management System is defined as the art of managing employees' attendance to minimize loss due to less productivity and employee absence. From traditional punch cards to modern access cards and a touchless attendance machine, tracking employees' work hours is essential.

A cloud-based touchless attendance machine offers benefits like consistency, cost optimization, and ease of access across different platforms and devices. It makes use of AI-based computer vision to capture and recognize the face of an employee for attendance. For organizations that are focused on growth and development, touchless attendance machinery is a necessity.

Key Features of a Touchless Attendance Machine

Here are the following essential features that will help you with a better understanding of a touchless attendance machine:

  1. Face Recognition

Touchless attendance machines using face recognition as a medium to track the attendance of the employees. Pinterest

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Indian Government has banned biometric fingerprints to curb the rising COVID-19 infections. Advanced Attendance Management System is coming up with touchless attendance machines that can help in situations like these. These machines are efficient in delivering attendance records. Touchless attendance machines using face recognition as a medium have removed the need for plastic access cards and biometric fingerprints to reduce the risk of the Covid-19 virus.

  1. Easy Integration with HRMS

Every organizational set-up has a Human Resource Management Software that helps in handling internal HR functions. HRMS is used to combine functions like storing employee data, managing payroll, recruitment, time, and attendance hence, making it an essential management tool. One such device is KENT CamAttendance that offers seamless integration with existing HRMS at no additional costs.

  1. Cloud Compatibility

It is a cloud-based touchless attendance machine that uses time-attendance management programs based on cloud computing technology. It is used for storing employee's attendance records along with other data. The cloud server allows HR to download the documents of employees from the cloud database at any given time. It also allows remote data management.

  1. Prevents Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is a practice followed by organizations in which a co-worker leaves early, turns up late for work, or takes long hours of break, impacting the team's overall productivity because they can have someone else punch in for them. The advanced attendance software comes with a provision of a touchless attendance machine and facial recognition; hence technology has taken care of this problem. Advanced Attendance Software also offers real-person detection where you can easily differentiate between a real person and a photograph.

  1. Deployment Across Different Sites

Attendance machines that are technologically equipped like KENT CamAttendance can be deployed across various locations or floors. All the data can be easily accumulated in one place, and the attendance can be easily checked, and it simplifies the payroll task. A touchless attendance machine helps in saving time and improves the overall productivity of the employee.

Opt for a Touchless Attendance Machine for Your Organization

COVID-19 is one of the primary factors that has led to the abolition of biometric fingerprints to minimize infection rates. As the novel coronavirus has spread rapidly across the globe, organizations are now focusing on providing a safe way, which will allow the employees to verify their identities.

With plenty of touchless attendance machines available in the market, it is advisable to buy such machines from reliable brands like KENT. They have introduced the next-gen touchless attendance machine known as KENT CamAttendance that offers facilities like touchless biometrics, high speed, and accuracy.

Investing in advanced attendance software will help in simplifying human resource management. Book your free KENT CamAttendance demo today!

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