The Sporting Greats

The Sporting Greats

By Samantha

Many millennials grew up watching football, and to be honest, the game has evolved since it started centuries ago. But when we turn the hypothetical pages of the football history book, they are a few strong contenders many can agree on.

These big names have made watching football games more thrilling and passionate, from the world-class goals to the unbelievable dribbles. In no particular order, here are the sporting greats that should definitely go on football's wall of fame due to the football statistics they dominated and their neutral born skill for the sport.

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  • Diego Maradona.

Diego Maradona is certainly one of the rarest players ever to grace the football field. When he wasn't making us roar hard in victory, he made us curse the very day he was born. He was the kind of player that would magically tear through the midfield, dribble through the defense and score unbelievable goals that had everyone awe-struck. However, in 1978, he almost gave the fans a heart attack when he scored a goal with his hands. It was a few minutes after he scored one of the best goals the world would ever see.

  • Pele

For some, Pele is the greatest footballer of all time. The Brazilian forward started making waves early, and it was hard not to recognize him on the field. At 16, he moved from playing for Santos and joined the Brazilian National Team. He led his team to three FIFA World Cup wins and remains the only player to do so to date. Pele is also the highest goal scorer, with up to 1281 goals in 1363 games over the span of his career. He is a national hero and mentor in Brazil, and has become an advocate for better policies in the country.

  • David Beckham.

David Beckham is one of the best dead-ball scorers. Pinterest

David Beckham made the list not just because he's an exceptional football player, but because he has proven that the sport can be so much more. His career as a right midfielder may have been interrupted by his quest for business, but that's what makes it so much more. He's one of the best dead-ball scorers and passers on the field and has represented England more than 100 times. Off the field, he's running charities and pursuing his passion to create better ties between English and American soccer. It's safe to say he has used his fame and wealth for the greater good.

  • Messi

Messi is one player many can say has raw talent, his gameplay is phenomenal, and his goal, spectacular. The reserved Argentinian player is a fan favorite and has made sports betting for newbies even more enjoyable. Placing the odds, his team may not always yield rewards, but that's forgivable cause there's little not to like about the talented player. With 6 Ballon D'Or awards to his name and six European Golden shoes, he is definitely one of the greatest players of all time.

  • Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo has shown many that you can become one of the most famous people in the world through handwork and determination. The Juventus player who formerly played for Real Madrid was and still is the player to watch out for. His passion for the game and how he translates that on the pitch is not just inspirational but phenomenal. He has won 5 Ballon D'Or awards and four European Golden Shoes but has more than 29 Trophies to his name. He also has the most goals and assists in the UEFA Champions League to date.

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