Sudden Drop In Temperature Pushes Winter Wear Sales

Sudden Drop In Temperature Pushes Winter Wear Sales

The sudden drop in temperature in North India has seen buyers make a beeline and stock up on their needs. With the early onset of winter and with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicting a colder than usual winter this year, shoppers are stocking up on winter essentials to keep themselves warm and safe.

The overall sales in the winter items category for mid-October to mid-November this year is more than double the sales in the corresponding period last year, notes online marketplace Snapdeal. Over the last fortnight, shoppers have focused on buying thermals, fleece sweatshirts, sweaters, and sweatpants. Socks, woolen caps, and gloves were also picked. High fashion items like block heel boots, leather jackets, furry coats in clearance sale were a hit, it said.

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The trend is more for casual wear this year and is different from the winter fashion of last year when quilted jackets, V neck sweaters, blazer jackets, Nehru jackets, shawl, and turtleneck tops were top-selling winter fashion.

Concerns around health from pollution and Covid are reflected in the higher than usual sales for items like windproof full-face masks made of fleece material, which are worn by cyclists and bikers. There is also increased sales of generic HEPA filters, which are priced at an almost 50% discount to branded filters.

Shoppers have focused on buying thermals, fleece sweatshirts, sweaters, and sweatpants. Pixabay

Other popular winter items seeing higher sales are "head spa steamer caps", which can guard the hair against damage from the skyrocketing pollution levels in winter. Heel repair silicone caps were bought along with foot care creams to prevent cracked heels.

Traditional winter favorites like hot water bottles and heating pads continue to receive traction this year. Immunity boosters with ingredients like giloy, ginger, garlic, turmeric, laung, and tulsi, and dry fruits are also seeing sales climb with the onset of winters.

Modern barbeques, which are portable, don't take up too much space, and can be handled by home chefs, were being picked. Kettles and egg boilers are other favorites. Users are also buying beds, jackets, and fish-based food for their pets. The demand for winter products is highest in north India as well as parts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, said the e-commerce site. (IANS)

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