Best Hatchbacks 2021: The Options That Could Be Your Ideal Next Car

Best Hatchbacks 2021: The Options That Could Be Your Ideal Next Car

By Vald

Are you searching for your next car? With so many options available, it can often be difficult to pick between the various makes and models. Time and again, however, there's one type of car that proves popular with UK motorists – the sometimes hot or sometimes humble hatchback.

Even in this specific part of the market, you won't be spoilt for choice when choosing your next car. A modern hatchback consistently shows itself to be incredibly practical, fun to drive and so easy on the eye. It's why almost every manufacturer looks to add a hatchback to its range.

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Hatchbacks also offer great value for money, which is a big benefit with such a major purchase. With car finance providers such as Go Car Credit helping to make it even more possible for you to get behind the wheel, here are five choices that might catch your eye in 2021.

Ford Fiesta

It's the best-selling vehicle of all time in the UK – and if that doesn't get you thinking about the Fiesta, then what will? With this flagship Ford model, you get a brilliant combination of comfort, versatility, and agility. It also doesn't cost the earth to run. But you may find that other options are better suited to you if you need space for all the family.

Ford Fiesta. Flikcr

VW Golf

If it's a family hatchback you need, the Golf is arguably the leader of the pack going into 2021. It's a true all-rounder of a hatchback – balancing handling, performance, practicality, and style with supreme confidence. With rivals as diverse as the Skoda Scala and Audi A3, however, it's a car at risk of trying to cover too many bases.


The iconic Mini will always retain its stylish charm. For a hatchback with character, it's unlikely many other options can compete. It also scores well for running costs and handling. While this is one option you might want to think about if it'll just be you and another inside, the space in the back is pretty limited – whether for additional passengers or squeezing in all your luggage.

Kia Ceed

Kia is a manufacturer that's renowned for value. A seven-year warranty on new models is the industry leader. But that's not much use if you're buying second-hand. Even so, the Ceed is a hatchback that delivers value from both new and used. It now features improved steering and handling. Yet, it's not necessarily the most fun to drive and doesn't score as highly for style.

Mercedes A-Class

As mentioned, almost every manufacturer offers a hatchback option. The Mercedes A-Class is arguably the pick of the premium options. Plenty of space, outstanding interiors, and high-end features mean there's a wow factor to this hatchback that few others can rival. That said, it'll only be an option for those with a bigger budget and there can be questions over its reliability.

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