Trends Which You Should Leave Behind At The End Of 2020

Trends Which You Should Leave Behind At The End Of 2020

The year 2020 was havoc as the pandemic took over the whole world. Many trends evolved during the lockdown, from Dalogna coffee to Bollywood gossip… and people spent every moment inside their homes realizing the need to re-decorate and rearrange their interiors.

But the thing about trends is that they change rapidly within time. Customers across the world have been driven towards creating an environment that brings them peace. Decor that incorporated bulky designs and dominating colors is going to be passed in 2021. Raghunandan Saraf, Founder & CEO, Saraf Furniture shares trends which you should leave behind at the end of the year.

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White furniture and white paint were preferred to showcase being posh and opulent; yet, it's grown quite old and outdated.

Pin or fork Legs Table

Tables with industrial designs have been a well-liked option for several years, but it's already out of fashion and one cloud opts for classic table designs.

Expensive furniture clusters

Furniture. IANS

Many homes use various sorts of costly and exorbitant decor items to show off-price and luxury. This concept worked earlier but it doesn't portray any character. Every home should reflect the style and personality of its times or of its owner.

Themed Spaces

Refrain from using themes to embellish rooms, especially for your children, because it's often used for a limited time and then you have to redecorate. So, it's better to think about a topic that will be relevant to your child for a much longer time.

Fake Decor

Sometimes, for the sake of giving a natural touch to the decor, we frequently display fake plants in our drawing rooms. This concept worked magic for a considerable period over the past decade but it'll be out next year. The same applies, to mirrors and stuffed animals.


Rather than colored walls, choose accent color walls. It creates a captivating design and everything within the room gets attention.

Contrast difference

Playing with contrast is often tricky, especially if you're considering an equivalent color it's already outdated so try and avoid it. Either accompany geometric patterns in furniture and walls or the other way around.

Less Luxury

It is observed often that folks want to make the entrance an area that portrays luxury. This concept is out as with the COVID-19 the safe and cushy environment makes for better reception. So, less luxury isn't getting to affect your personality, it'll enhance it. (IANS)

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