How Is The Modern Era Turning Into A Smartphone Era?

How Is The Modern Era Turning Into A Smartphone Era?


The more we are ushering into the modern era, the more we are diving into the smartphone era. A decade ago, we have never imagined that smartphones will change our lives forever and become an indispensable part of our lifestyle. The current situation is we cannot survive without smartphones. Most of our daily tasks – whether it is booking a cab to commute to the workplace, buying groceries and apparel, entertaining ourselves with different apps, making notes on-the-go, digitize files and documents, etc. are done via smartphones. The bold entry of this gadget has been taking everything by storm!

Smartphones are a wonderful gift to the people – especially for the millennials and generation z as they are rejoicing the best phase of the "smartphone era" and on the edge-of-their seats to witness what more the future will unfold.

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The Era of Smartphones

Smartphones are one of those few technologies that have rapidly consumed every demographic, age, cultural, and sociological setting. From rich to poor, urban to rural, smartphones have become a necessity. The affordability and nominal data costs have also contributed to the increased penetration of smartphones and condensed the lives of the people behind the sleek glass.

Especially to the tech-savvy generation, smartphones have hit them like a drug and triggered the exact right loci in the brains. From consuming the right technology to getting their daily work done with convenience to catching up with the latest trends via Facebook and Instagram feeds, this gadget is your partner to stay ahead of the pack.

The gadget is your partner to stay ahead of the pack. Pixabay

Growth Graph from 2011 to 2021

The reason why smartphones have managed to lead the race and sweep over other technologies is that the – constant evolution and growth. The growth trajectory of smartphones is exemplary! You will find a huge difference in hardware from 20011 to 2021. The operating systems are more advanced and devices are much faster and powerful than before. Multiple applications can be used at the same time, assisted GPS technology, dual camera options, fingerprint scanners, effortless music & video streaming, turbo-charging options, and much more – are making the experience better and better. The battery lasts for days instead of hours – with quick charging options.

Two key OS – operating systems have also evolved within the smartphone market. Google's Android is adopted by various hardware manufacturers to give a tough competition to the iOS. Though iPhones are genuinely worthy of the high-tech features and seamless functioning, Android devices have also earned a keyspace because of the affordability factor commingled with advanced features – all together giving a tough competition to the iPhones. As per the ABI Research findings, Android devices are almost 1/3rd the cost of an iPhone. All credit goes to the diverse hardware manufacturers who are going by the Android OS for their smartphones.

More Than a Means of Communication

Due to all these impeccable advancements, millions of people are substituting their digital cameras and iPods with smartphones. Smartphones have moved beyond merely as a 'means of communication' to other purposes that are required by the new-age generation. The communication part is also with the inception of mobile apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, and much more. People can do group calls – for personal and professional capabilities and stay connected – saving a lot on the traveling expenditures. It has proved to be a cheaper option and affordable for everyone. Despite being in different cities, states, or even countries, you are close to each other and efficiently building stronger relationships.

From consumers to businesses, why everyone is swearing by 'smartphones' is because of the privilege of assessing information on-the-go and getting the world on your hand. For instance – businesses with a professional website are investing their resources in building seamless apps to connect with a wider audience and present their services in a better way.

Smartphones a cheaper option and affordable for everyone. Pixabay

The Future of Smartphones

Currently, smartphones have become a staple of our everyday lives. From replacements for our digital cameras to music players to play-stations to personal assistants and voice search, it has already been proved that how smartphones are outshining in every lexicon. It won't be wrong to say that we have ceased using our smartphones merely for communication purposes.

Whether you are looking to streamline your daily tasks, try your hands in the stock market, clear your monthly payments, keep yourself thrilled and entertained, or work on your mental health and fitness, there is always an app available on the play store to make your experience enriching and worthy. With more and more features coming in – the experience is only going to be much advanced and magical.

When you have a smartphone in your pocket – it means that the world is in your pocket!

What Future Will Unfold?

The growth trajectory of smartphones is only going to accelerate in the future – reshape various scenarios in the future. Though we cannot accurately predict what is coming next, we can hope that something more fruitful will come – after witnessing the growth of the past growth. The advanced features and more improvements in the hardware in mobile technology have been encouraging us to witness what will come next that will disrupt our way of doing things! It will be exciting to see how we will approach our work and leisure activities.

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