The Indian F and B Industry Witnessed A Major Drift From Dine-In To Delivery Business

The Indian F and B Industry Witnessed A Major Drift From Dine-In To Delivery Business

The Indian F&B industry witnessed a major drift from dine-in to delivery business with the pandemic working as a "catalyst" in the growth story. The change in consumer behavior has driven the rise of Cloud kitchens in India. But, according to Chef Anand Panwar, Executive Pastry Chef, Roseate Hotels & Resorts: "Out of 100 cloud kitchens, only 15-20 percent may survive, these will be mostly those who have their own restaurant."

During the lockdown when restaurants were not allowed to operate dine-out services, they introduced cloud kitchens or takeaway services. "Eventually, these cloud kitchens will change into their previous kitchen models and still have an edge over the 'only cloud kitchen' owners who will find it hard to compete," he adds.

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Panwar says: "Dining out is a multisensory experience. Indians love dining out in addition to ordering food at home. During the pandemic, we ordered home delivery, but in comparison to diners who go out normally it was far less." Roseate Hotels and Resorts recently launched Roasted by Roseate — a chic patisserie and tea lounge in Vasant Kunj that "strives to provide that cutting edge design, chic interiors a warm ambiance and serve fresh ingredients used in savories, gateaux, pastries, bakery, and fresh brews".

"Consumer research shows that the aroma of bread baking is a powerful signal to consumers. We have toiled hard to invent our own unique aroma that promises freshness and excitement. Some of the newly introduced items are french styled Pattaserie – Pinsa – Gourmet Coffee." Roasted by Roseate has 15 varieties of bread along with exotic jams. The bread can be ordered 24 hours prior and delivered to your doorstep, it is also available on a subscription basis.

The change in consumer behaviour has driven the rise of Cloud kitchens in India. Unsplash

"We have also come up with an idea of serving fortune cookies to our guests which enhances their experience at Roasted by Roseate. Such trends can only be seen in standalone spots as well as five-star hotels," he reveals. Speaking about the menu curated by Chef Rahul Dua, Panwar shares that his team was working on it since the lockdown, and a lot of research went into it. One can choose from wholesome selections like mix nut tart, chocolate almond gluten-free pastry, a range of succulent scones, tea cakes, opera, orange velvet cakes, and dreamy macaroons if you have a sweet tooth.

Don't miss out on exclusives such as Roseate Cubik, Cloud, and Mississippi mud cakes. These treats include gluten-free, sugar-free, and eggless options for the health-conscious. If you fancy savories try our handcrafted puffs, open and regular sandwiches like salmon rillettes, fried caper, pickled onion, mustard mayo, toasted brie, sliced apple, carrot jam' croissant sandwich, ratatouille, mustard cream, feta basil, etc.

The haute couture range includes premium blends such as Singapore Breakfast Tea, 1837BlackTea, Geisha Blossom Tea, Moroccan Mint, Alexandria, Vanilla Bourbon, and Red of Africa to name a few as well as tea-infused jellies and will leave coffee lovers spoilt for choice with a selection of brewed artisan coffee freshly prepared in front of the guests. (IANS/SP)

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