Study: Mi Home Is India’s Top Exclusive Smartphone Retail Store

Study: Mi Home Is India’s Top Exclusive Smartphone Retail Store

China-based Xiaomi's exclusive retail outlets — Mi Home — has been named as the top exclusive retail store in India, said a new report.

A survey by US-based research firm 'Unomer' revealed that Xiaomi's retail outlets for its products in India had the most significant appeal among Indian consumers.

The survey showed that Mi Home was the first choice for an exciting overall experience across several customer satisfaction parameters.

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A white Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s. Wikimedia Commons

The respondents were asked to rate their satisfaction on the various measurement criteria and the percentages were computed for each parameter across the exclusive smartphone retail stores in India, reports GizmoChina.

Some of the customer satisfaction parameters captured in the study were the physical layout, purchase financing options available, the fluidity of the checkout system, and staff knowledge, among others.

The Mi Home stores had an average rating of nearly 62 percent in staff knowledge criteria, billing/checkout process, and financing options, which were the highest among the surveyed exclusive retail stores, the report said.

The survey aims to measure customer satisfaction across a broad spectrum of India's leading smartphone exclusive retailers, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Apple, and several others.

According to the report, Xiaomi has seen remarkable progress since it first established its Mi Home stores in India, and it now has 75 such stores spread across 19 cities in the subcontinent. (IANS/KB)

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