Scientific Significance Of Coconut Breaking Ritual

Scientific Significance Of Coconut Breaking Ritual


Breaking a coconut for Gods and Goddesses is a popular ritual in India, and it has a significant religious significance in Hinduism. The coconut fruit is a necessary offering in almost all Hindu rituals and is present at almost all Hindu ceremonies. All new projects for Hindus begin with the breaking of coconut in front of an idol. Coconut is still a must-have on the list, whether it's for a festival or a significant puja ceremony. Here is the scientific significance of the Coconut breaking ritual.

Coconut water spilling electrolytic plasma is identical to the water of RBC in human blood. It also contains a similar amount of lauric acid to breast milk. In Sanskrit, coconut is known as 'NariKela', where 'Nari' means water and 'Kela' means fruit. When coconuts are young and delicate, they have the most water. Few humans used to give blood as an offering to purify themselves and gain salvation from bad luck, much as Jesus Christ did when he shed his blood to atone for the sins of his fellow humans.

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Animal sacrifices were eventually outlawed, and coconuts with three black spots resembling a human head and three eyes were substituted. However, the Vedas make no mention of offering coconuts to gods. After sage Brahmarshi Viswamitra struggled against human blood sacrifices when liberating Sunahsepa, he invented the coconut as a substitute for the human head.

Coconut water spilling electrolytic plasma is identical to the water of RBC in human blood. It contains a similar amount of lauric acid to breast milk. Wikimedia commons

The splitting of coconuts is a form of bloodless sacrifice. Humans who want to clear their bad karma and erase barriers would assume coconut as their head and offer it to God by breaking it. The intention is to deliver something that resembles the human head and blood, and destroying it represents the breaking of the human ego and karma. The fruit's shell has three eyes on top of it. You can only get to the water within by piercing the middle one. Lord Siva's third eye refers to this middle eye.

Coconut water is an electrolyte that improves circulation while still being antibacterial. It is necessary to correctly plan during the coconut breaking ceremony. Only then is it possible to tune yourself to the quantum level energy matrix, which is then converted to one's DNA. Quantum variations in the Zero Point Area, a massive untapped energy pool, may be caused by human purpose.

In Zero Point, we resonate. The world can be influenced by energy and human desire. Intentions (Sankalp) affect the quantum field or pure consciousness. When you crack the fruit, turn off your internal mind chatter, be present for a fleeting moment without self, and let your purpose ring the tuning fork of your consciousness, to echo to the quantum level energy matrix as a vortex of group coherent memory. Then, at the speed of thought, release the scalar waves and wait for them to perform their miracle.

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