5 Tips For Getting Through A Long-Haul Flight

5 Tips For Getting Through A Long-Haul Flight

By Carol Trehearn

A holiday in the sun! Travel and fun have been in limited supply during the past year, so it's understandable that many are planning a holiday and looking forward to a much-needed breakaway. It may be that you're so fed up with your house, and you want to get as far away as possible. But what about the journey? If you're planning on taking a long-haul trip somewhere, how do you deal with the long-haul flight?

Whether you like flying or not, traveling for many hours can take its toll, and preparation is key before any trip.

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Comfortable clothing

When choosing your travel outfit, remember you will be sitting down for a long time without the opportunity to change. Therefore, ensure you choose comfortable material, preferably cotton, and go for layers so you can remove clothes or put something on depending on temperature. Also, go for loose-fitting clothes; you do not be wanting to unbutton your tight jeans mid-flight.


Most airlines will offer some in-flight entertainment but be sure to take some of your favorites with you. If you're a bookworm, flying is the ideal time to lose yourself in a story to pass the time. If you're more of a gamer, you could download or set up an account with some favorite games such as www.royalvegascasino.com with various absorbing games such as cards and casino favorites some innovative new games to learn.

Be sure to pack your headphones so you can listen to music or play games without disturbing other passengers.

Be sure to pack your headphones so you can listen to music or play games without disturbing other passengers. Pixabay

Food and drink

Although most airlines will include meals in the ticket price, you should consider packing some snacks in case you get peckish. In addition, long-haul flights will pass through several time zones, so you may not be eating when you usually would, so prepare in advance.

Staying hydrated is especially important when flying due to the low humidity levels in the aircraft cabin. Dehydration will make you feel unwell and lead to headaches, tiredness, and dizziness, so carry enough water with you for the entire flight.

Travel light

It's tempting to pack a lot of stuff into the aircraft but remember that travel can be exhausting, and you don't want to be stuck lugging around big bags and trying to find space once you're on the plane. Only pack what you need and leave the rest in your other luggage. Ensure you have any medication you may need and that everything you are carrying is safe and secure.

Sleeping Aids

Sleeping while on a long-haul flight can be challenging, especially if you're an anxious flyer, so it can be useful to buy some sleep aids to help you feel relaxed and fall asleep, especially if you will be traveling at night. There are various aids you can purchase over the counter, or you could ask the doctor for a prescription. If you are using something you haven't tried before, take one a week or two before your journey to make sure you don't have a bad reaction to it that it works appropriately.

Travelling is exciting, especially if you haven't been away in a while, so plan carefully and enjoy every moment.