Things You Need to Know About Ceramic Wedding Bands

 It doesn't have any allergens that can result in skin rashes and other skin allergies
It doesn't have any allergens that can result in skin rashes and other skin allergies

By- Mandy

It's 2021, and many things have changed! Today, people are opting in for more unique ways to express themselves. And that is the reason they are opting in for wedding bands in non-conventional materials and metals. One material which is becoming popular is ceramic.

Ceramic as a material has been popular for centuries. However, its use in wedding bands is very recent. Today, most people think that ceramic is fragile. But the truth is ceramic wedding bands are beautiful, unique, and durable. Here are a few things that you should know about ceramic wedding bands before you decide to invest in one and customize your brand.

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It is hard

Most people think that ceramic is easily breakable and fragile. The truth is that ceramic is a hard material, tough, and is perfect for wedding bands. However, ceramic is slightly less brittle and harder when you compare it with tungsten. But it has an increased resistance to damage from any direct impact when you compare it with stainless steel.

Why is this fact crucial? It's because a wedding band is jewelry that most people would want to wear for the rest of their lives. Hence, durability is an essential aspect that can last a lifetime. Furthermore, if you have an active lifestyle where you use your hands a lot, you can opt-in for a ceramic wedding band. It is the best option as it resists scratch and withstands exposure. To know more about it, you can check out Epic Wedding Bands.

It doesn't have any allergens that can result in skin rashes and other skin allergiesPixabay

It is affordable

Conventional metals like platinum and gold can be expensive. If you have a tight budget, it might not be the best option for you. Ceramic is affordable and less costly than conventional metals. Usually, its cost ranges between $50 and $400. There is something for everyone when it comes to a ceramic wedding band.

It is safe to wear

Ceramic is hypoallergenic, and hence it's safe to wear. It doesn't have any allergens that can result in skin rashes and other skin allergies. Some people are sensitive to specific metals and often break out and develop skin rashes. Since ceramic doesn't have any metal allergens such as nickel, cobalt, or zinc, it is biocompatible and safe.

It is heat-resistant

If you are in hot water, then a heat-resistant wedding band helps. Some people think that heat resistance is not an important feature. However, it only indicates that your ring won't get damaged if you wash it with hot water or if there is an accident. In addition, the ceramic rings are non-conductive, as they have zero metal components. Hence, it is safe for people working with elasticity or who are in the construction field.

It's easy to maintain

The ceramic bands are easy to maintain. It doesn't accumulate grime or get scratched easily. You also don't need to polish or replace them like other metals. Instead, you can simply wash the wedding band with water and soap, and it will keep looking like the first day you bought it.

Once you know these essential facts about ceramic wedding bands, you can arrive at an informed decision.

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