Signs Of A Failed Date

Signs Of A Failed Date
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By Daria

It makes sense to hold the first date in a comfortable place where both partners will feel at ease. Some key preferences should be considered when arranging a date. They differ from the candidate you have chosen to meet and build a relationship with. If you are having a usual date with the opposite gender, it is preferable to learn some of your partner's tastes and hobbies. It will help you understand what place and what activity to choose for the first date.

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But not always it happens as you plan. And you feel like your date is going to fail. Two principal things cause a failed date: whether you didn't make it out with the whole preparation or your partner is unsatisfied with the date. So how to get what exactly goes wrong, and the date is doomed to fail? The following signs, when shown up, let you acknowledge that you are on a failed date.

women's red long-sleeved blouse

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Sign #1: They stare too much at the phone

This sign definitely determines the disinterest in a partner. It is impolite towards the person. Put it away when dating, try to sneak a glance when you get an urgent message, or go to the bathroom. If you notice that your partner pays more attention to the phone and not you, then it means that you are not their cup of tea. In this case, better to cease the date and be grateful for an opportunity to get a new acquaintance.

Sign #2: Coming late to the date

If you are late for the first date, better not come at all. No matter what well-founded reasons can be, it shouldn't be an excuse for you or your partner to come late for the date. If you appreciate your first date, you will schedule your time to arrive even earlier than it is supposed. Maybe this sign doesn't define anything serious at first sight, but if it repeats regularly, it means your partner is not inspired and passionate about you and vice versa.

Sign #3: They seem pretty pushy

Every person can have their goals for dating, whether a romantic journey through a range of dates or chasing passionate endings of each date. Whatever goal you are to reach, the first date should be special and gradual to reveal some intimate chemistry within each partner. When you see your partner pushy at the beginning of your date, they feel like getting what they want from you. So, don't get mad when it happens. Instead, enjoy the night, and it shows you can't plan anything more with that person.

Sign #4: Selfish talks

Communication between a couple is supposed to be held in two ways, e.i. two people should be engaged in this process. When talking on specific topics, let your partner share their views or experience as well. If you talk too much about yourself, your achievements, and so on, and not notice your partner in silence, it will lead your date to fail and be disappointing. The date is for you to get closer with each other and keep a fantastic communication verbal and non-verbal then.

Sign #5: Having not enough money to cover your half of the bill

When planning a date, one should be prepared from a financial point of view too. So, you should have enough money to cover the bill paid in the restaurant, for example. It is a good gesture from your partner. But you should be ready to pay your part of the order because you go on the first date and don't know who you are expecting to. Even if your partner can't cover the whole bill, you can feel sure you pay for yourself. But then you will have no desire to meet this person again.

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