Healthy snack bars to go with your coffee

Healthy snack bars to go with your coffee
By IANSlife

With a paradigm shift towards health due to the Covid-19 crisis, but with a supreme emphasis on taste, people have migrated towards healthier alternatives in India and abroad. Keeping this in mind Starbucks has awarded Epiphany Snacks, a partnership deal for their new Crunch Snack Bars line.

Epiphany Snacks, established in the US, is driven by a group of young entrepreneurs who saw a need for plant-based, protein-rich energy boosters that could be enjoyed by people of all ages to satisfy sweet tooth demands while also providing good nutrition. The purpose of this collaboration with Starbucks is to produce and provide a supremely premium quality product that is both healthy and delicious.

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"We concocted an amalgamation of the two by integrating our bite-sized snacks into a wholesome on-the-go bar to accompany your coffee and in flavours that suit the Christmas season," said Ashish Doshi, Co-Founder of Epiphany Snacks.

The California Pistachio Crunch are bite-sized gobbles with an unusual combination of freshly picked and peeled green pistachio nuts that not only appeal to the eyes but also infuse preservative-free and cholesterol-free flavour. The Almond Cranberry nibbles blend the benefits of crunchy California Almonds and pure Himalayan Pink Salt with the refreshing fruity punch of handpicked wild cranberries. This tangy and nutritious drink-snack, which also serves as a light and hearty post-workout or general snack, is a perfect giving option for loved ones because it is high in energy, cholesterol-free, and has no trans-fat.


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