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How many times in a month should I get my car washed at the car washing center or otherwise?

Before we go ahead and discuss how many times in a month are you supposed to get your washed at the car washing center, we shall try and address issues that will rather ensure that you don't have to go ahead and wash your car regularly since your car is clean more or less throughout the week.

Keeping your car all clean and shiny exactly the way it did when it first came out from the showroom sounds difficult but it actually more about following certain processes and once you do get habituated to the process, you will automatically have a car that is always clean and shiny. Most owners like to get their car washed at the car service center and they think their job is done. But washing your car alone isn't going to keep your car looking new and shiny all its life.

The paint job needs to be preserved and there are some rules to be followed so as to make sure that your car is always looking like it's just out of the showroom or basically after getting dry car wash services.

1. Always park your car in a covered spot

Weather plays an important role in the process of maintaining your car's look and since India does have really hot summers and most cities have the sun out for the majority of the year, your car's paint is going to get subjected to a lot of harsh weather and that can cause the paint to lose its shine and cause it to fade over time. To avoid this, try to always park your car in a covered spot and or at least in shade. If both the options are not available, try to use a cover when the car is parked, so that there is no direct sunlight hitting the paint of your car in the morning.

2. Wash Your Car once a week

Washing your car once every week is kind of the obvious thing to say but not the most obvious thing that car owners understand. In a country like India, where there is a lot of pollution all around, cars gather all kinds of dust and dirt particles and if not washed away, can cause damage to the paint of your car. And it does get harder to remove them off the paint of your car if not treated in time, which can then cause scratch marks on the surface of the paint.

3. Not All products are meant for washing your car

People don't realize but understanding the kind of product you use while cleaning the exterior of the car is kind of really important because not all products are meant to wash a car. Your regular soap or detergent can literally affect the quality of the paint and erode the surface of the paint job. Always use microfiber towels to clean the surface of the car because other materials can cause swirl marks to appear on the paint. Also, make sure that you use clean towels and not the ones which have dirt particles stuck on them because that can also cause scratch marks to appear on the paint job

4. Bird Droppings: Lucky or not

They say that if a bird poops on you, it's your lucky day but maybe it is not always a lucky day for your car when there is bird poop present on the paint job of your car and your windshield and it is going to cause damage because it does harden over time and it becomes difficult to get it off without causing any kind of scratch marks on the surface of the paint.

5. Remember to Wax Your Car

Waxing is an important step to maintaining your paint job because waxing adds an extra layer above the paint and helps keep the paint all shiny and glossy. Wax also helps keep the wear and tear away from the paint that is caused due to sunlight hitting your paint job

If you can try and follow the above suggestions, you will have a car that always looks neat and clean and make people envious of you and your car. Also, you can otherwise take your car to a car washing center and indulge in some of their car washing services.

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