This year, Kashmiris celebrated ‘Feb 5’ as Pakistan Fraud Day

This year, Kashmiris celebrated ‘Feb 5’ as Pakistan Fraud Day

Kashmiris have finally shown a penchant for the big move on February 5 this year, when they observed the day as 'Pakistan Fraud Day' to call the bluff of Pakistan's so-called Kashmir Solidarity Day. Such a move did not come without a basis. Their argument is that how can a nation which itself stands on the crutches and is heavily dependent on several nations for economic and other assistance, extend solidarity to them. Kashmiris have understood the ulterior designs of Pakistan to leave them in a lurch, in the garb of 'solidarity'. Though full of remorse for falling into the trap all the previous years, they decided to call the bluff of Pakistan and make it an endgame this year.

Moreover, Kashmiris are not going to forget the humiliation that Pakistan led them through all these years. They recall the systematic annihilation of their education system by the malevolent forces (read ISI), of Pakistan. During the last more than two decades, the militant organisations also issued fatwas that students need to associate with so-called 'Jehad' and take-up weapons. Closure of academic institutions impeded their progress in every field leading to devastation. This was the kind of 'solidarity' extended by Pakistan. Who will explain what kind of 'solidarity' Pakistan extended when it directed the separatist leaders like Syed Ali Shah Geelani to issue the 'Calendar of Bandhs'. Kashmiris have witnessed numerous Bandh calls which only meant going through miseries and harsh treatment of militant organisations if somebody violated them. Not only the student community, these Bandhs affected all sections of the society equally; be it the business class, transporters, pharmacists, small shopkeepers etc. When the Kashmiris recollect those horrifying experiences, it sends chill to their spine. They lament and hate the very idea of Pakistan's so-called 'solidarity'.

Radicalisation of society is another gift of Pakistan's 'solidarity'. (Representational Image) | Unsplash

Radicalisation of society is another gift of Pakistan's 'solidarity'. They targeted the youth of the Valley and indoctrinated them over the years towards the militancy and the idea of so-called 'Azadi'. Kashmiri parents have always yearned that their children should obtain a good education and lead a decent and virtue-based life. But Pakistan had other plans for innocent children. They exported the gun culture and started radicalising the youth by making false promises and allurements. Another form of expressing 'solidarity' was introducing drugs into the Valley. In some cases, drones were also used to smuggle narcotics across the border. Pakistan was now targeting Kashmiri youngsters by making them addicted to drugs. First giving arms training and later spoiling the youth with drugs ensuring Generation-Next of Kashmir is ruined could also be called a 'solidarity' gift.

Let us take a look at what was the response to Pakistan's propaganda in the world capitals. The Kashmir desk set up in its various missions to push the so-called 'solidarity' propaganda did not achieve anything. The mission heads conveyed to the Foreign office in Islamabad that despite a large spending on proposed programmes there was hardly any attendance of the host country guests. Even the Pakistani Diaspora did not turn up as they saw the futility in such attempts. Pakistani missions in the OIC countries had similar reports for the foreign office. The Intercontinental hotel in Kabul refused to host the 'Kashmir Solidarity Day'. Left red-faced, the Pakistani mission in the Afghan capital wrote to Afghan foreign ministry to protest against the cancellation claiming that it was done on the "instructions given by the Afghan government."

Numerous Pashtuns protested in front of the Pakistan embassy in Afghanistan. (Representational Image) | Unsplash

The day received jolts from unexpected quarters also. Scores of native Pashtuns protested in front of the Pakistan embassy in Afghanistan while it was trying to hold Kashmir Solidarity Day function. The Pashtuns were protesting the continued detention of Pashtun Tahauz Movement leader Manzoor Pashteen by Pakistan. The protest resulted in the cancellation of Pakistan's plans for the day. It raises questions as to why Pakistan is not applying the 'solidarity' ointment to its Pashtuns when they need it most in the present times. The drama, however, proved to be intolerable for some well-meaning citizens of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). Several people there condemned Pakistan for observing Kashmir Solidarity Day and on the contrary marked the day as "Fraud Day". Protest rallies were held across PoK in areas like Bagh, Mong and Hajira where the people lambasted Islamabad for its double standards on Kashmir.

Though still alive for Pakistan and ISI, the day seems to be counting its last breath as ordinary public in Pakistan have started getting disillusioned from the issue. Pakistani people now consider it as the state's antic to deflect popular attention from more important issues like unemployment, inflation and law & order. The propaganda-cum-instigation project has failed to yield the desired results for Pakistan. Notably, Pakistanis have nothing to celebrate on Kashmir Solidarity Day except some discounts on shopping. They are interested in the day only as it provides them a public holiday. In Kashmir, young activists in their address on February 5, said that Srinagar has better facilities than even Islamabad, so what kind of solidarity is the Pakistani establishment talking about? In line with the trend of the last few years, the day passed off uneventfully in J&K.

The Chinese have snatched livelihood of the poor Baluch community. (Representational Image) | Unsplash

People took out a large procession in Handwara and Bandipora districts displaying placards and raising slogans against Pak-sponsored militancy. They also urged Pakistan to stop cross-border terrorism and refrain from interfering into their affairs. Jammu Kashmir Youth Development Forum, a Srinagar-based NGO organised a 'Pedal and Peace March'. It sent a loud and clear message to Pakistan that Kashmiris do not want any kind of solidarity from them as they are capable enough to steer their way to the development process and achieve the objectives without any kind of external support.

Having learnt from history, Kashmiris have now asked Pakistan to express the 'solidarity' to Baluchis and Sindhis who needed it the most. A pathetic treatment to its own people and extending the olive branch of sympathy to Kashmiri people has served as eye-opener to them. Sindh has not even been assimilated fully with Pakistan. A reckless treatment of Baluchs and stripping them of the basic rights cannot be overlooked. The Chinese have snatched livelihood of the poor Baluch community under CPEC and Pakistan is a mere spectator. They cannot even accommodate the aspirations of their own people but as a state policy they extend solidarity to Kashmiris. The Kashmiri people have decided to educate and awaken their community and continue to observe February 5 as 'Pakistan Fraud Day', by launching 2022-like programmes to expose Pakistani lies and designs and move ahead in their quest of peace and prosperity. (IANS/SP)

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