Green is the Way to Go for Tibetan- American Tsultim Ngabtak

Ngabtak also remains active in raising awareness for the Tibetan human rights issues. He was previously president of the Buddhist View Mirror organisation

Tsultim Ngabtak with H.H. the Dalai Lama​

by Himani Kumar Sanagaram

March 28, 2017: Going with the green trend in the construction business, Tibetan- American Tsultim Ngabtak is the first person of Tibetan origin to do so. The fad is not that old and these days many people are embracing it.

“Even young people are preferring to buy greenhouses, so that is in great demand. Earlier only the older generation wanted this,” Ngabtak, who builds houses in areas like Humboldt Park and uptown neighbourhoods, said. He has been a developer since 2002.

Ngabtak is CEO of Tim’s Green Construction Corporation (TGC) which started out as Good Karma Construction Company. He specialises in residential and commercial buildings.

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A father of four sons, he also remains active in raising awareness for the Tibetan human rights issues. He was previously president of the Buddhist View Mirror organisation.

Tsultim Ngabtak in traditional Tibetan attire

He makes his houses with bamboo flooring, solar panels and energy efficient power and water-saving electrical appliances. Water sensors and flushes using less water and lights that consume less power are also used in his homes. He builds houses in Chicagoland – in the suburbs and south side of Chicago.

Ngabtak has been very supportive of the Tibetan community. He sponsors the local football team during tournaments. He has met H. H. Dalai Lama numerous times fighting for the Tibetan cause and participated in rallies when Chinese president Xi Jin Ping came to Chicago.He has sponsored football matches for Tibetans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and other areas.

Football match sponsored by Tim’s Green Construction Company bearing the TIM’s Green Construction Corp logo T-shirts

Tibetan human rights are still in limbo with nothing concrete done under President Obama. For the future, it remains to be seen how much President Donald Trump will do for the Tibetan cause. Business with China and economy always remains a priority for the American administration and many other countries.

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The leader of the Tibetan human rights movement H. H. The Dalai Lama fled China after it occupied Tibet in1959. The Indian government helped the Tibetans to settle after which they formed the exiled government in Dharamsala, in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. China does not recognise this exiled government, although Tibetans maintain that Tibet was independent for the most part of history.

In 1959, Karnataka Chief Minister S. Nijalingappa helped support Tibetans who had come from Tibet via Nepal to Dharamsala in India in Himachal Pradesh. The minister granted  agricultural land for Tibetan refugees, to engage them in farming as most of them were engaged in the sweater business.  Tibetans were allowed to live in five settlements in Mundgod, Byllakupe (old and new),  Hunsur and Kollegal, to preserve their religion and culture. Karnataka has the largest Tibetan settlement in India, outside of Tibet.

Himani is a Chicago-based freelance writer.