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Here Are Five Reasons Why You Must Watch Transparency: Pardarshita

The documentary series is available for free at MX player

By Shweta Porwal

Transparency: Pardarshita a 7 episode Hindi documentary series explained through the lens of Munish Raizada Films from Chicago. The series provides an overview of the truth never heard or seen before, the inner workings of Indian Politics and funding games.

The series is an independent Documentary series written, directed, and produced by DR. Munish Raizada.

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Watching a series like Transparency: Pardarshita which has a depiction of social, political, factors, you can learn so many different things and can experience an increased awareness which you have never thought about.

5 reasons to watch the series Transparency: Pardarshita

The documentary series is available for free at MX Player.


The political angle of the series makes it a must-watch because it unleashes the truth and shows how a political party is formed, how it works, and also how it gets out of track. It deals with India’s fights against corruption, Formation, and rise of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Also shows the life of a political thriller of hype, power games, mind games, and funding games.


The public angle of the series includes the best-shown perspective to the viewers. It gives a dive overview of the ugly truth of the Aam Aadmi Party. Explains the deficiencies in the work done by Aam Aadmi Party under its 5 years of public-serving tenure, promising the public to provide the best but leaving the public of no importance. You will also get to know why the inseparable duo Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal parted their ways off.


The series has 3 beautiful songs. The first song is ‘Bol Re Dilli Bol’ by Kailash Kher alarms the pubic to see the truth behind the conspiracy of the party, what it has done, and how it works.

The Second song ‘Kitna Chanda Jeb Mein Aya’ by Udit Narayan informs about the misplacement of funds contributed by the public for the party and development.

The Third song ‘Vaishnav Jan To’ by Sawani Mudgal is the most popular and favorite song of Mahatma Gandhi. As everyone knows that Anna Hazare has similar ideologies to Mahatma Gandhi, this song reflects all about the life, ideals, and ideologies of Anna and Mahatma Gandhi as a whole.

The song shares the feeling of the public and also depicts the situations of our beloved Capital Delhi.


The series holds a very direct message for its viewers by informing people about the work blunders done by political parties and how these parties keep fooling the public by acting as they are doing the best for the public.

The series acts as a mirror to the public showcasing the truth never told before and appeals to the public to not act and trust blindly. The series also gives a message to choose your steps right and stay wide awakened by these political parties who do not even care about the public but just keep acting like one.

The series includes some actual footage from the past, narratives of interviews of some former members of AAP, some journalists, and political analysts which shows and will make you believe that all said is for real regarding how the members and the public have been cheated.

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The perception of the series is very rare which makes it worth watching. It resonates with the feeling, distrust of the common man as well as the party workers. Creating a political documentary series with such a great idea and having the thought to help the public while providing transparency about politics and its working is such a great cause and should be appreciated.


There are very few political documentaries series in India that can make one sit on the edge of their seats. Munish Raizada’s documentary is undoubted one of those few political series which keeps you glued till the last minute. The story and the concept make the series a lot more interesting and keep its viewers glued.




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