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Travel with all precautions. Pixabay

Travelers, it’s time you add a few new essentials to your checklist along with your masks, sanitizers, and disinfectants. This new list will help you plan a safe, seamless, and most importantly, ambiguity-free travel in these uncertain times.

As coronavirus cases see a new spike in the country, MakeMyTrip has released travel products and solutions that one should consider even as you exercise more caution while taking up your journey. With a promise to make end-to-end travel safe, contactless, and secure, the company has introduced a slew of tech-integrated solutions to help travelers prioritize safety at all times.

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Lock airfares as you firm up your air travel

Staying watchful of the ongoing uncertainty and planning your air travel accordingly is the best that you can do as you firm up your travel dates. But given the evolving scenarios, one cannot worry least about the change in airfares — leaving many to think whether they should wait and consequently risk fare hike or book the ticket right away. So, here’s what flyers can do as they finalize their travel. Lock fares and reserve their seats without paying for the actual price of the ticket upfront.

With this flyers can also secure themselves against any price hike as they can purchase the ticket at the same locked-in price later. The service allows customers to lock airfares for one, three, or seven days for a nominal fee — that later gets adjusted into the full price of the ticket at the time of the final purchase. Here’s a quick and easy resolve to buy time and the same money on your air tickets!

Planning your air travel accordingly is the best that you can do. Pixabay

Finding an answer for the quintessential question

‘What if the unforeseen happens a few days before the trip?: 2020 was a year of disappointment for travel lovers and having waited long enough for that holiday, you would not want anything to jinx it. But having a Plan B or C is important in these times? So, while you prepare for that much-awaited summer holiday with your loved ones, take out a few minutes to opt for a Corona Protection Plan. Bookable on the platform, the plan allows a traveler to cancel the holiday 72 hours prior to the travel date, in case she or her co-travelers tests positive.

The booking amount is converted into a Holiday Gift Card for the full value with a validity of one year to ensure you make up for the lost time. So, it’s time you press a shift+alt+delete on ‘What If’ from your holiday plans!

COVID travel insurance a must protect you or your loved ones. Pixabay

COVID travel insurance a must protect you or your loved ones

It is always wise to prepare for any uncertainty than being sorry later. Yes, it sounds harsh but as unforgiving the virus is, it’s always advisable to take some preventive measures beforehand. It recently rolled out an option for COVID-19 insurance to secure travelers against any risk of infection during the trip. The option provides a coverage of Rs 2 lakh (per customer) along with other benefits such as zero restrictions on room rent, consumables, post-hospitalization diagnostics, etc. The insurance also covers hospitalization for 16 days post-travel in case of infection as it usually takes 14-15 days for the virus to surface.

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You need not worry about lugging your baggage to the airport: Travelling with baggage can be pretty exhausting, especially in times like now when safety and hygiene are non-negotiable. In a bid to make flying safe, convenient, and hassle-free, the platform has introduced a ‘door-to-door’ baggage transfer service for its customers.

The new offering allows travelers to book an end-to-end baggage transfer service from the departing address to the destination address. While the service has been designed and developed with an aim to make baggage handling easy for all travelers, it is especially targeted at customers who may check-in with bulk luggage or needs assistance otherwise at the airport — for instance, people moving cities, senior citizens among others. (IANS/SP)


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