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Hina Khan was the first runner-up of Bigg Boss 11, Wikimedia Commons

Actress Hina Khan says people, including her, are addicted to phones, but she was able to “temporarily” overcome her addiction during her stay in the Bigg Boss house.

Hina was locked in the Bigg Boss house in the last quarter of 2017 and emerged as the first runner-up of the Salman Khan hosted show “Bigg Boss” in January this year.

“Technology is a boon and has made the entire world a smaller place. I think we are all addicted to our phones, and social media has made the addiction worse. But yes, I survived for over three months inside the (Bigg Boss) house without a phone. Hence, I feel it’s an addiction that I was able to overcome even though it was temporary,” Hina told IANS in an email interview.

Her love for technology doesn’t end with phones. She will soon make her debut in the digital space with a short film titled “SmartPhone”.

“It’s a simple film in which I am playing a village girl. But that’s the catch. You will get to see what a village girl can do.”

She also has some kind words for her co-star Kunal Roy Kapur.

“He is very funny and a cooperative actor. He loves food. I am a complete foodie. So, we kind of connected on the first day of shooting. We ordered pasta in the evening and ate it all. It was a pleasure working with him,” said Hina.

Before all this, she was known to the audience as Akshara of the long-running TV show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata”.

Hina Khan talks about overcoming her addiction to mobile

“I knew that I wouldn’t be doing the show forever. ‘Yeh Rishta…’ gave me my biggest break and I only expected to keep working hard after that. The results of hard work can’t be predicted,” she said.

This year, particularly, has been an eventful one for her. She was placed second in “Bigg Boss”, made her Lakme Fashion Week debut, did a short film and a music video.

“God has been very kind and I’m blessed that I’ve been getting the opportunities to take on new, exciting, challenging and different work. I’m loving it and I hope the (career) graph continues to grow,” she said.

But she doesn’t seem to be that lucky when it comes to reality shows.

“I feel that I made it to the top and that’s more than an achievement for me. Losing the first spot by seven seconds and that too from such a super talented and agile Shantanu (in ‘Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi’) is in itself an achievement.

“‘Bigg Boss’ taught me so much while staying inside the house and after coming out. If it’s about the trophy then yes, during that particular moment one feels bad.”

Hina Khan grows as a Fashion Icon, Bollywood Country

But she realised that “Bigg Boss” has opened up more avenues for her.

“I am getting offers for different kinds of work — digital, glamour, films — so, I feel if ‘Bigg Boss’ acts as a platform where I can take that leap of faith and get an opportunity to work in films, then nothing like it. I am a winner.”

Has this discouraged her to take up more reality shows?

“I am open to all kinds of exciting work. But yes, after having done two reality shows back-to-back, I would love to explore other genres now,” she said.

Her biggest challenge right now?

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“I believe in breaking stereotypes. That’s the main challenge. I don’t think people knew the fashionable side to me when I played Akshara and then they saw a different side of me when I did ‘…Khatron’ and ‘Bigg Boss’.

“Going back to doing TV in a completely different avatar will once again be a challenge. But as an actor, that’s how you prove your versatility…when you take up a character and live up to the makers’ and everyone’s expectations. Also, in ‘SmartPhone’, my look is completely deglamourised and simple.” (BOLLYWOOD COUNTRY)



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