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How A Single Thought Or Argument Takes The Shape Of A Disease?

Here are some techniques to get rid of these unwanted emotions

When we break the word ‘disease’, it comes through as ‘dis’ and ‘ease’ — something that is not at ease. Anything which makes you can cause you a disease. Anything that can cause you a problem and a normal human being can see it through normal naked eyes like a physical problem, for instance, high fever that can be seen through temperature, or cancer, or diabetes are all physical problems. In short, anything that we can see or feel through our eyes is a physical problem. In short. anything that we can see or feel through our eyes is a physical problem. And this is the reason why mental health is never considered as important as physical health because it is never seen.

Talking about how a single thought or argument takes the shape of a disease, I would like to quote it with an example. When one person says something and the other person did not like it or didn’t understand, this will make the body cell unease. This time the body of the second person goes through 3 stages of F – Flight, Flight, and Freeze. So, during such circumstances, either the person will fight back, or flight means escape from it or freeze. All 3 stages give a physical problem. These 3 stages are initially a mental problem but if not cured takes the form of a physical problem.

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In today’s time, females are facing body shaming. So, if anyone comments on the body shape or size it will affect your mental and physical health strongly. Sometimes, the person does not know how to reply or reverse the psychology. This suppression will lead to cancer or tumor. When you are not able to express what your thoughts are or what your body is feeling then it will ruin your cells and water elements, and this can eventually be seen in physical form.

Here are some techniques to get rid of these unwanted emotions:

1. Drink Water — If your body is uncomfortable with any kind of unwanted thought then immediately drink a glass of water. This is because the moment any thought comes to your body it will be in vibrational form through your auditory nerves and carry it to the auditory brain, to the fourth layer of the brain. Drinking water will immediately cure the damaged cell of the body. And later the thought is let go from the body.

Drink plenty of water. Pixabay

2. Communicate your emotions softly — When someone is saying something unpleasant then try to communicate what you are feeling. Ensure that your tone is not rude. Try to communicate softly. Even if your tone is a little louder, then your voice and words must be clear.

3. Butterfly Tapping on the wrist — Whenever you feel uncomfortable with a feeling, do a butterfly tapping on your wrist. It is an EFT technique. It is very effective in releasing unpleasant emotions.

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4. Breathe In Breathe Out — This technique is usually done for the emotions that are evoked by thinking of any past moments. Whenever you are thinking about that uneasy thought, do the breathing process which will remove the extra toxic from your body.

Not considering mental health an important issue is because of human psychology. Until some disease is not visible people will not take it seriously. It is high time to keep a check on our mental health. This will help to keep any doctor or psychology expert at bay.



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