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A guide on how to select your appropriate engagement ring.

By Michael John

There is nothing more special than the day you get down on one knee and propose to the person you love more than anything else. You're hands are shaking, your heart is thumping. As you slowly begin to drop to the one-kneed pose it feels like it's taking an eternity. You reach into the inside pocket of your suit jacket and pull out a small box. It suddenly hits your partner what is happening and the joy is sinking in. As you open the box, the glimmer of the perfect engagement ring shines in the moon light.

It's a moment you've both dreamed about and when you slide the ring onto her finger it… it doesn't fit!

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You don't want to find yourself in this position, but it is all too common. People will spend so much time picking out the perfect engagement ring for their partner that they don't even realize how important it is to that proposal moment to make sure you bought the right sized ring.

There are a few easy ways to go about finding your partner's ring size, and in this article, we'll help you with some of the good, and not so good ideas.

Borrow One of Their Rings

If your significant other is someone who wears rings often, this can be the simplest way to get their ring size without spoiling the surprise. Pick out on of the rings they wear often and bring it to a jeweler – they will be able to tell you exactly what size it is. Now you know when you buy the engagement ring you will be buying it in a size that they are already wearing.

Buy the engagement ring in a size that you are already wearing. Unsplash

Caution: Make sure if you use this strategy you pick a ring they definitely wear often. You don't want to grab a ring they've outgrown or something that they hold onto for sentimental value, because then you might end up with the wrong size completely.

Wait Until They Fall Asleep

Another way to find their ring size is to wait until they are out cold to test it out. Take a string or piece of thread and wrap it around their ring finger. See how long the portion wrapped around their ring finger is and use that to determine their size.

Caution: This approach can be risky. First, you might accidentally wake them up, and then you will find yourself in an awkward position explaining yourself out of that one. Don't even try this approach if they are a light sleeper. Second, you need to make sure that you don't wrap the string too tightly or too loosely in order to truly find the perfect fit. This can lead to improper sizing as well.

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Ask Your Partner

This one might seem obvious, but maybe you don't have to keep it a secret. If you've been in a relationship for a while and are ready to propose, there's a pretty good chance they are expecting you to propose sometime soon too. You can still keep the actual proposal a surprise, but getting the ring size is important. Contact a jewelry like Ritani, the online based diamond and engagement ring retailer, and they will send you a free ring sizer. This is the best way to rest assured that you pick the right size. Click here to know more about how to choose the best ring for the occasion.

How did you find out your partner's ring size? Let us know!

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)



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