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IIMC students filed petition to Jaitley for convocation


New Delhi: The former students of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) approached Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to make sure that there should be no further delay in the distribution of their original diploma certificates and convocation ceremony.

The students wrote in a petition to Jaitley that every year the convocation ceremony was held in the month of  October or November but not this time “apparently because of the delay in taking a decision about the appointment of new Director General”.

However, because of the delay in convocation ceremony, the authorities of IIMC are not distributing original diploma certificates to last year batch students, which is causing hardship to them.

“We request you to understand the situation and take an immediate action to organise convocation and speed up the appointment of DG. We hope you will not forget the fact that future of hundreds of students is in your hands,” said the petition signed by over 100 students and alumni.

IIMC previous Director General, Sunit Tandon’s term ended last year in the month of November.

“There are many students who have been working hard to get admission for foreign studies and IIMC was inevitable for them to show 4-year under graduation (3+1),” the petition also said, the students are scared that due to delay in convocation they would not be able to meet requirements of foreign universities.

Furthermore, the letter said, many universities of India have allowed the students of IIMC to join post graduation for which several students have applied and paid fees also, expecting IIMC would distribute their original diploma certificates by November 2015.(inputs from agencies)

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Why Should You Encourage Your Kid To Go for Online Learning?

One of the many ways you could help your kid in their academic and professional journey is by encouraging them to opt for an online learning.

So, if your child is preparing for IIT-JEE or NEET from any of the reputed centres like Aakash Institute, as a parent, it's your responsibility to help your child find the right study time
study, representational image, Pixabay

A child’s education is what the parents or guardians worry the most about and thus it is quintessential for you to encourage and help your child at every step of their journey. More so often than not, as a parent, you succumb to societal pressure and unknowingly transfer that pressure onto your child. One of the many ways you could help your kid in their academic and professional journey is by encouraging them to opt for an online learning.


To begin with, what is online learning?

Unlike the conventional learning in a classroom, online learning makes the content available for students digitally. Students can learn online, anywhere and anytime. Instead of physical copies of books, e-learning uses visual content and gamification.

 To help you understand why you should encourage your kid to opt for an online learning, we have listed few perks it offers below.


  1. Help them realize their passion:

School or college is a difficult stage for every student. Either they are not sure about which field to pursue graduation in or with time tend to lose interest. Online training can help solve that problem. The duration of the training range from 4-6 weeks and it will help them understand where their interest lies.

Before a student starts looking for opportunities to work, it is essential to establish if he/she is interested in their field of study and have a good knowledge of the subjects.


online Training
Unlike the conventional learning in a classroom, online training makes the content available for students digitally. Flickr
  1. Help them get an in-depth knowledge

Online training is designed for the masses hence, the training is broken down into several segments and covers the basics quite well. The entire training will have tests and assignments to provide an in-depth knowledge. At times, the syllabus in college might not be updated with the latest developments in the field of study but online trainings help keep them up to date.  Also, the learnings can be put to the final test by completing the project at the end of the training.


  1. Help them get experience to test the knowledge attained

Online training would give them an opportunity to test all that they have learned into live situations; academically and professionally. It will help instil confidence in them to change their approach as per the objective rather than the conventional approach. The projects which they would do as a part of the online training will help them apply the theories on to real-life situations. For instance, they could make a new website for their college or an app f as a part of the project. You will get hands-down experience through these projects.

distance learning
the entire training will have tests and assignments to provide an in-depth knowledge.


With changing times, there is a dearth of opportunities and less clarity amongst students about what to do next. It essential for a student to discover and realize where their passion lies and have relevant knowledge and experience. As a parent, it is your important that you become a support system for your kid and guide him/her at every step of their journey and not base your judgement on the basis of what the society has to say.

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About the Author: Sarvesh Agrawal is the Founder and CEO of Internshala, an internship and trainings platform. (