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Imran Khan’s Anti-corruption Mantra: Pakistan Zindabad Rally takes place in Karachi to protest against corruption by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and family

The rally was meant to tighten the throat of the Prime Minister and family is expected to gain a lot of public support and participation

Imran Khan at the conference “Rule of Law: The Case of Pakistan” organized by Heinrich Böll Foundation on November 26, 2009 in Moabit, Berlin, Germany. Wikimedia Commons
  • Pakistan Zindabad Rally was held on September 6 in Karachi.
  • Imran Khan’s PTI party was the organizer.
  • Khan called for September 24 as Raiwind March where people from across the country will march to Raiwind to protest against corruption.

Karachi: Sept 08, 2016: Pakistan Zindabad Rally fires an ammunition against rampant corruption prevalent in Pakistan on Tuesday, Sept 06, this year. The rally was organized in Nishtar Park opposite Mazar-e-Quaid in Karachi and was supported by the major participation of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and was headed by the chairman of the Party, Imran Khan.

According to reports, the entire motive behind it was to strengthen the fight and support of Pakistanis against all the corruption in the areas of politics, industries, and various other sectors. The twist in the entire story is that the rally primarily aims at raging against the lately defamed Sharif family. Earlier in July , a report of Panama Papers shook the entire nation when the leaks involved the name of their Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaaz Sharif, his brother and other family members. From that time, the Sharif family is facing lots of troubles and outrage from the people of Pakistan.

Two months back, in July, a report of Panama Papers shook the entire nation when the leaks involved the name of their Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaaz Sharif, his brother and other family members. Since that time, the Sharif family is facing lots of troubles and outrage from the people of Pakistan.

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Imran Khan who had also joined the workers of Pakistan Steel Mills in their protest against the non-payment of their wages had arrived Karachi on 6th of September.

The rally was meant to tighten the throat of the Prime Minister and family is expected to gain a lot of public support and participation. Pakistan as a whole is seeing a lot of malpractices on the part of their government and are in a state of complete aggression in order to work for their own welfare, reported a news portal.

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The fight since concerns all the people of the nation and has become quite rampant, all the political parties in this country have joined hands together against it. Along with PTI, PML-Q, PAT, and PPP will also be seen taking a sword of the anti-corruption movement in Pakistan. Only adding a question of concern, how large is the selfish interest of these parties in extending their support to each other and publicly further tampering the reputation of Nawaz Sharif?

It will now be an interesting and simultaneously analytical exercise for all to await a swift investigation against all the accused and also the reaction of the controversial and not so celebrated Prime Minister of Pakistan.

– prepared by Ayushi Gaur of NewsGram Team. 


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Impeachment Process of Donald Trump
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Trump is accused of threatening to withhold $392 million in military assistance to Ukraine, unless Kyiv launched a public corruption investigation into the family of his political rival, the Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. Soliciting foreign interference in U.S. democracy is unlawful and Trump strongly denies the allegations.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Britain is trying to break out of its own political crisis caused by the 2016 vote to leave the European Union. With a general election imminent, many Britons see their own recent political chaos mirrored across the Atlantic, says political scientist Thomas Gift of University College London.

“Both the U.S. and the U.K. [Britain] are rivaling one another for levels of dysfunction in government, or lack of ability to get things done,” Gift said. “Typically, the world, including the U.K., looks to the U.S. as a model of democratic governance and has had, for a long time, institutions of power and leadership that project integrity. And I think watching this, particularly from abroad, I think does to some extent undercut that belief that the U.S. is this kind of moral, ethical and democratic leader.”

Polls suggest less than one in five Britons have a positive opinion of Trump — and that’s echoed in the views of many watching the impeachment process play out.

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“If it goes through the House, I really hope that the Senate really stand up and do something about it. He shouldn’t be president and he should be impeached,” London resident Dayo Thomas told VOA.

In Paris, there is mixed interest in Washington’s political battles. Jacques Grau, a physician, believes the impeachment process is a good idea. “It allows democracy to function,” he told VOA.

Student Selene Ay says many of her contemporaries are not that interested.

“I know a lot of people followed after [Trump] was elected. But I think it kind of died down, I guess. People don’t care that much.”

There appears to be greater interest in Russia — and seemingly, greater support for Trump. Moscow resident Mikhail says the Americans elected Trump, “but now they want to take the decision back. That is wrong,” he said.

Fellow Moscow resident Dmitri says it is a political struggle. “[Joe] Biden’s team is just looking for compromising information to make Trump step down.”

They may be strategic rivals, but Russia doesn’t necessarily welcome America’s political problems, according to Andrey Kortunov, director of the Russian Council on International Affairs.

Buildings in Cairo, Egypt
A general view of clustered buildings in Cairo, Egypt. VOA

“The only U.S. president who can fix problems with Moscow is a strong U.S. president,” Kortunov told VOA. “So if Trump is under impeachment it definitely weakens his position and it becomes more difficult for him to manage this very complex and very delicate relationship. We need to have predictable partners. Weakness makes leaders unpredictable.”

With 1.3 billion people, India is often called the world’s biggest democracy. In Delhi, there is admiration for principle of impeachment. “It means that it is a very fair, a proper democracy at work,” according to Dipika Nanjappa, who works at a local voluntary organization. Retired government official Ashish Banerjee agrees: “We need to be more accountable. Our leaders need to be more accountable,” he told VOA.

Cairo resident Sameh Ghoneim sees echoes of Egypt’s own leadership in the alleged actions of Donald Trump. “He is only interested in personal gain,” said Ghoneim, who works as a mining engineer outside the capital. “He will look for corruption in others when it helps him.”

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In South Africa’s Johannesburg, opinion on Trump’s fate is again divided. “I think he’s doing just fine, so I don’t see the reason why he should be removed,” said local chef Khanyisile Shongwe. Cleaner Joseph Maisa is no fan of the U.S. president. “He doesn’t bring nice things in America. That is why he should be removed.”

The impeachment process could go on well into 2020, as the U.S. also gears up for the presidential election following what promises to be a bitterly fought campaign. Each twist and turn will be followed closely across the globe. (VOA)