Air India welcomes passengers with special in-flight arrangements

Air India welcomes passengers with special in-flight arrangements. (Unsplash)
Air India welcomes passengers with special in-flight arrangements. (Unsplash)

By: Anil Baswal

Air India was initially founded in 1932, as Tata Airlines. It is the international airline of the country that not only serves the domestic cities of India but also caters the routes of other countries including Canada, United States, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Europe. However, the main headquarters of Air India is in Mumbai, India. So, the first flight services of the company were scheduled by none other than J R D Tata in the year 1932. The services during that time were offered in Bombay, Ahmadabad, Karachi, Bellary, and Madras. Later on in the year 1939, the flying routes of Air India were extended to Delhi, Lahore, Trivandrum, and Colombo.

After World War II, the Tata airlines in 1946 was remade as Air India Limited and made a public company. Later after two years, the international services were started between Mumbai (then Bombay) to London, Geneva, and Cairo. And this was the time when Air India International Limited services were formed. From 1932 to till date, Air India has never dissatisfied their travelers. Whoever boarded the airlines always completed their trip with a huge smile on their faces and twinkle in their eyes.

Tata Group Taken Over Officially

After many years, a brightening news came over that Tata Group has taken over Air India officially from the Indian government. The chairman of Tata Sons, Mr. N Chandrasekaran has met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take the official handover. So, all the 100 percent shares of the airlines were officially given with the management control to the new board who was now responsible for taking the entire charge. It happened in October 2021, when the Indian government sold away for 18.000 crore shares to the subsidiary of the Tata group. 

Then a LOI or letter of intent was issued to the government that they are willing to send 100% of the stake to the Tata group. It was Air India express that sent the 50% share. The homecoming of the Air India airlines after 69 long years not just made the Tata group happy but the entire country welcomed the news and were happy to get the news. All the social media accounts and everyone's statuses reflected that they got the best news as most of the people have great admiration for the Tata group for many years. 


Changes that flyers will see onboard

Well, it is now a guarantee that every traveler who will board the flight of Air India will enjoy the flight experience as it is going to offer so much more than before and of course at very less price. Every step of the way will be a huge surprise for the passengers and the overall journey will be nothing but a delight. To start with, there will be complimentary meals and refreshments offered on the Air India flights.  When you talk about the in-flight services of Air India, they always take pride in the country and that is reflected clearly. The country was home to French, British, Aryans, Persians, and more and is a hub of science, skill, art and philosophies. So right from the color of Air India to the food and hospitality, everything showcases various elements of the country. 

The Indian meals served by Air India will offer you great cuisine that has been known for the various communities through generations. You will find everything in your platter from the subtle to sharp tastes. Besides the range of options, you will find everything to be unique and mystical. There will be a lovely spice blend and herbs and they use different techniques to bring out the best. The smell to taste, everything will mesmerize the passengers on board that they will want to use the Air India services again and again. You will be offered meals and snacks based on the time you travel. And nothing will be repeated throughout the day. 

Another important and best quality or service of Air India is that the passengers will not be treated as passengers but guests. Hence, the special treatment is not only offered to the Business class or first class passengers but to everyone who is on board. Every passenger is greeted to begin with and even at the end when their flight lands. In addition to this, special care is offered to people, including the aged, little ones, and women carrying. Hence, the overall trip will also be happy and gay. 

The crew members of Air India are dressed up in Indian attire. For instance, you will find the working women in red sarees that reflect the country's elegance and grace. Even when people are coming from different parts of the country, they will be proud of the country. 

Well, Air India is also serious about punctuality and discipline. For instance, there is not much delay in its flights and the best of all is they won't cancel the flights abruptly that could disturb the passengers. There is hardly any delay of the flight timings, and even if it is there, it is due to serious glitches. Moving on, you should know that whenever you are booking Air India flights, you have to be on time as they close the doors if you are late. Hence, make it a point to follow their rules as they are quite particular of that.

If you haven't been on board with Air India all these while after it came back to the Tata Group, then you should try their services now. There is a guarantee that right from where you book the Air India flight ticket till you board the flight, enjoy the services, and then get down, you will enjoy every element of it. So, if you are planning to visit somewhere, look no other airline company other than Air India as you will be delighted with the premium flight services offered to you. Make no delay and hop on to Air India's official website.