Indian-Americans protest against the increasing Hate Crimes in the US

Indian-Americans protested in front of the White House following the hate crime incidents seeking the President’s support

A peaceful protest by Indians; (representational Image), Wikimedia

Washington, Mar 20, 2017: Indian-Americans held a rally in front of  the White House to raise awareness against the increasing hate crimes, seeking some acknowledgement on the matter from President Donald Trump. They said that Indian-Americans, Hindus and Sikh in particular have become victims of xenophobia and Islamophobia in the US.

“Hindus have been recently affected and victimised (in the US) as a result of Islamophobia. It does affect our community as well,” Vindhya Adapa, 27, a Virginia-based corporate lawyer, told PTI outside the White House on Sunday.

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A few dozen Indian-Americans including Adapa, representing different Indian-American groups from in and around Washington, following the recent increase in Hate Crimes, carried out a peaceful parade.

A young Indian-American doctor, S Seshadri said, “A recent example of it is the recent shooting and murder of an IT personnel in Kansas, after he was mistaken for an Arab or Muslim. In my view, the current political climate is going to eventually target all communities including Hindu-Americans.”

“We are here today to spread awareness against hate crimes specifically against Indian-origin people. This is not essentially a demonstration against Trump and his administration. We are here seeking support against the hate crimes that has recently been happening against Indian-Americans,” said Adapa who urged the President to intervene in the matter.

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“ i would say what is happening against the Indian-American community today is a result of xenophobia, islamophobia and the anti-immigrant statements that have come out from the administration,” she claimed.

A petition Memorandum has been submitted to the President, by the recently established Coalition of Indian American Organisations of the USA, urging him to  interfere in this matter and take measures to punish the culprits under the federal hate crime law.

It also urged President Trump to eliminate the fears of the Indian-American community and show his support, taking steps to eliminate the hate.

The petition read,” A message should go out to the people of this country from the administration that no citizen should take the law into their hands and it will not be tolerated by the government.”

-Prepared by Nikita Saraf, Twitter: @niki_saraf