Thursday January 24, 2019

Infertility in women could indicate higher risk of early death


Infertile women have 10 per cent higher chance of dying prematurely than those able to conceive and are 45 per cent more likely to die from breast cancer, a large study has found.

The findings, presented at the annual congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in San Antonio, suggest that having a baby could have a rejuvenating effect on the health of a woman.

The results have prompted calls for women who struggle to conceive to be screened for certain cancers, the Telegraph reported on Monday.

While it is not known for sure what links infertility and early mortality, the stark association with breast cancer, plus a 70 per cent increased risk of death from diabetes, points strongly towards hormone-related disorders.

“Associations between infertility and medical disease have been noted in the male population, the relationship between a woman’s fertility and her overall health has not been as robustly examined,” lead researcher Natalie Stentz from University of Pennsylvania in the US was quoted as saying.

“The study highlights the fact that a history of infertility is indeed related to women’s lifelong health and opens potential opportunities for screening or preventative management for infertile women,” Stentz added.

The study followed more than 78,000 women for 13 years, 14 per cent of whom reported infertility, an inability to conceive for one year or more.

Even though the incidence of diabetes was similar in fertile and infertile women, infertile women experienced an increased risk of death from endocrine-related diseases, including diabetes and breast cancer.

Infertility was not, however, linked to increased rates of ovarian or uterine cancers.

“One of the things we do know is that having a baby at some point in a woman’s life is protective for health,” Stentz said.(IANS)

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Infertility Treatments And its Implication When it Comes to Expertise

The most important feature of the IVF treatment is our body’s responsiveness towards the treatment

IVF treatments are always supported by other associated treatments which aid in the entire treatment. Pixabay

We know that there are a lot of infertility hospitals that are claiming to have very high success rates and expert in solving complex infertility problems. But these are very much at the claim level only. Some hospitals are genuine in these claims as they have years of expertise in solving infertility problems among couples. According to statistics, couples with male infertility problems are easily solved by IVF treatment when compared to female infertility.

The reason for this is because of the fact that male infertility is easily understood and the
treatment for this is very straightforward. Sperm count and sperm quality are the two things which define male infertility. Technologies like sperm extraction techniques and sperm filtrations can help in extracting the sperm cells which can be used in the IVF treatment in which the infusion of sperm to meet the egg is done artificially. The best infertility specialist in Gurgaon will do the procedure in cycles and hence there will be two or three cycles involved in the IVF treatment. The success factor of an IVF cycle is very is important and that depends on the quality of the extracted sperms and the strength of fertilization that happens with the egg cell inside the test tube. This fertilized egg called as the embryo.

Embryo (Representational image). Pixabay

There is always a cost that is associated with the IVF treatment. IVF treatments are always
supported by other associated treatments which aid in the entire treatment. IUI, ICSI & HSG are some of the commonly associated treatments which aides an IVF treatment. The way how IVF is generally done depends on a lot of factors. Some of them are the way how fertilization itself happens. In case of extreme male infertility, an option of looking for a sperm donor comes into place and hence there is an associated cost with this. IUI cost in Bangalore can range from low to moderate depending upon the complexity.

The most important feature of the IVF treatment is our body’s responsiveness towards the
treatment. Few couples might get conceived in the 1st  cycle of the IVF and few of them need more than one cycles. IVF cycles can take some time as it cannot be done immediately. It would take at least 2 to 3 months for the next cycle to begin after the 1st  cycle fails.