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Is WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange’s London Embassy Asylum Nearing its End? Ecuador decides to temporarily cut his Internet Access

WikiLeaks accused Clinton's successor at the State Department, John Kerry, of personally petitioning Ecuador to cut Assange's internet access

The Ecuadoran national emblem is attached to railings outside the country's embassy in London, Oct. 18, 2016. British officials have long expressed frustration at Ecuador's decision to let WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange take refuge in the embassy. VOA

Ecuador’s decision to temporarily cut Julian Assange’s internet access is a sign that the WikiLeaks founder could be overstaying his welcome at the country’s London embassy — or so some in Britain hope.

British officials have long expressed frustration at Ecuador’s decision four years ago to let Assange take refuge in the embassy to escape arrest on sexual assault charges he faces in Sweden.

“I do hope that this is the precursor to them coming to their senses and finally forcing this man to face justice in the way that he should,” said Davis Lewin, a political analyst at London’s Henry Jackson Society think tank.

The Quito government confirmed it cut Assange’s internet access Tuesday to prevent him from meddling in the U.S. election, after WikiLeaks published documents and messages hacked from the presidential campaign of former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

FILE - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange participates via video link in a news conference marking the 10th anniversary of the anti-secrecy group in Berlin, Germany, Oct. 4, 2016. VOA
FILE – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange participates via video link in a news conference marking the 10th anniversary of the anti-secrecy group in Berlin, Germany, Oct. 4, 2016. VOA

Matter of principle

“The government of Ecuador respects the principle of nonintervention in the affairs of other countries does not interfere in current elections, nor does it support any candidate in particular,” said a statement by the Ecuadoran Foreign Ministry.

The emails that WikiLeaks disclosed suggest that Clinton’s campaign worked to discredit a woman who accused her husband, former President Bill Clinton, of rape.

WikiLeaks accused Clinton’s successor at the State Department, John Kerry, of personally petitioning Ecuador to cut Assange’s internet access. Officials in Washington have rejected the charge and strenuously denied that Kerry was involved in any way.

How Ecuador reached its decision to sever Assange’s internet connections is unclear, nor has there been any indication of how long the “temporary” change in his status will remain in effect. However, analysts say it is a sign that Ecuadoran officials do not regard their longtime guest as positively as they did in 2012, when he first arrived at their embassy in London’s upscale Knightsbridge district.

Honored guest

At the time, Ecuador’s left-leaning president, Rafael Correa, treated Assange as an honored guest. Correa joined with the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez in lambasting the U.S. and Western policies and presenting Assange as a champion of democracy and free speech.

FILE - Ecuador's President Rafael Correa waves prior to a governmental ceremony in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dec. 10, 2015. Correa recently expressed admiration for Hillary Clinton and said he hoped she wins the U.S. presidential election. VOA
FILE – Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa waves prior to a governmental ceremony in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dec. 10, 2015. Correa recently expressed admiration for Hillary Clinton and said he hoped she wins the U.S. presidential election. VOA

Recently, however, Correa told an interviewer that if he were American, he would vote for Clinton. “I know her personally and I have great appreciation for her,” he said. “For the good of the United States and the good of the world, I’d want Hillary to win.”

WikiLeaks’ supporters, including some high-profile figures, are occasionally seen outside the embassy. Canadian-American actress and model Pamela Anderson expressed concern for Assange’s health and was seen this week delivering a vegan meal to him.

But analysts say Assange’s fortunes appear to be changing as the political climate in Latin America and much of the rest of the world shifts.

Leftists disillusioned

Correa’s term is about to end and Venezuela’s economic failures have disillusioned many Latin American leftists.

In Britain, critics dispute any notion that Assange’s practice of leaking confidential or secret documents reflects a true commitment to democratic values.

Some, like Davis Lewin, see a troubling double standard in Assange’s crusade.

“One has to ask: Why is it only anti-American? Why is it only disclosures that hurt Western institutions, Western political leaders?” Lewin asked. “One has to wonder why it is that Assange has never done anything to hurt Russian interests. And I think the answer is, people will have to make up their own minds about that.” (VOA)

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    And if you really think that the US had NOTHING to do with this happening I have some really good swamp land here that is for sale at a really great price! Wow…….just amazing that the media wants us all to think that the US had nothing to do with this! Wow….

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Facebook Chief Operating Officer Supports Releasing Russia-linked Advertisements

Facebook chief
Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, delivers a speech during the visit of a start-up companies gathering at Paris' Station F, in Paris. voa

Washington, October 12: Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said Thursday she “absolutely” supports the public release of all advertisements produced by a Russia-linked organization during the 2016 presidential election.

Sandberg said the company is “working on transparency” following the revelation last month that a group with alleged ties to the Russian government ran $100,000 worth of ads on Facebook promoting “divisive” causes like Black Lives Matter.

“Things happened on our platform that shouldn’t have happened,” she said during the interview with Axios’s Mike Allen.

Later Thursday, Facebook Chief Operating Officer is set to meet with Congressional investigators who are looking into what role the advertisements which began running in 2015 and continued through this year may have played in the 2016 presidential election.

The $100,000 worth of ads represent a very small fraction of the total $2.3 billion spent by, and on behalf of, President Donald Trump and losing-candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaigns during the election.

Multiple congressional investigations have been launched, seeking to determine what effect alleged Russian meddling may have played in the election.

In addition, Robert Mueller, a former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is conducting a criminal probe, including whether President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian operatives during the election season. Trump has denied working with the Russians.

Facebook had previously agreed to disclose the thousands of Facebook ads to congress. Sandberg said Thursday she thinks “it’s important that [the investigators] get the whole picture and explain that to the American people.”

In response to the Russian ad buys, Facebook Chief Operating Officer said that company is hiring 4,000 new employees to oversee ads and content. She said the company is also using “machine learning and automation” to target fake accounts that spread fake news.

She defined fake news as “things that are false hoaxes” and said Facebook is working to stamp out the bad information by teaming up with third-party fact checkers and warning users before they share news deemed fake by Facebook.

She said it is important to be cautious when going after fake news because “a lot of what we allow on Facebook is people expressing themselves” and “when you cut off speech for one person, you cut off speech for all people.”

“We don’t check the information posted on Facebook before people post it, and I don’t think people should want us to,” she said.

Hundreds of fake accounts were used to distribute the Russia-linked advertisements, Sandberg said. But had those ads been posted by legitimate users, “we would have let them run,” she said.(VOA)

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In the aftermath of United States Presidential elections 2016, Hillary finds sitting cross legged on a yoga mat and practicing long inhale and exhale breathing techniques quite helpful. Hilary mentioned that she has been practicing it for quite some time and it has come across as a very helpful way.

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