Saturday May 25, 2019

Jharkhand doctors on day-long strike


Ranchi: Doctors in Jharkhand went on a day-long strike on Saturday to protest the new leave system introduced by the state government under which the village-heads would be the granting authority.

There were around 1,880 government doctors participating in the strike.

“We have launched phase-wise agitation to protest the new leave system introduced by the state government. If the state government does not withdraw the new leave system, we will further step up our agitation,” Bimlesh Jharkhand Health Service Association president told reporters.

The doctors and teachers in Jharkhand are protesting the new leave system introduced by the state government.

As per new system, the doctors posted in blocks and teachers posted in rural areas will have to seek leave from Mukhiyas (village heads) who have been empowered to check the attendance of the doctors and teachers.

Jharkhand doctors and Primary Teachers Association last month had threatened mass resignation if the system is not withdrawn.

The teachers association believe that new leave system would increase the political interference in the education system.

The OPD services were badly hit by the doctors strike. The patients were affected by the doctors strike.

I sustained fracture in my hand. There is no doctor in Sadar hospital Ranchi. Now I have to get treatment in a private hospital by borrowing money from friends,” said Ganesh Baitha, a patient.

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Jharkhand bans e-cigarettes

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The Jharkhand government on Tuesday banned the sale and usage of e-cigarettes in the state, according to an official notification.

“E-cigarettes are the new method of nicotine use. It affects the embryos in pregnant woman. It also causes mental problem. The sale, distribution, advertisement, import and usage of e-cigarettes have been banned with immediate effect,” the notification issued by the state’s health department said.

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“E-cigarettes usually contain ingredients like propylene glycol (PG) and glycerol, mixed with concentrated flavors and optionally, a variable percentage of nicotine,” it added. (IANS)